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  1. Thank you for all the responses. I re-built the desktop and that was that. If only all problems were that simple... -Dan Rafferty
  2. We have 8.5.2 on our Macintoshes and we have a deviance between machines that has got me stumped. In the finder, our VW drawing files are listed as "Vector Works 8 Drawing". Double clicking on thewm launches the application saved on each machine's hard drive. Our newest machine (a G4 running OS 9.1) lists the same file type as a MiniCad document. This would merely be annoying or funny except that it also means that when we double-click on the document, the VW application won't launch and the message will say that the original application that created the document cannot be found. We have another machine that lists the files type correctly but also won't launch the application since it says it cannot find the required translators. The application was installed the same way on each computer. Has anyone else found this funniness in the finder's treatment of VW files. The workaround is to just launch the application, of course, and use file/open, but I would like to be able to double click from the finder as I am accustomed to elsewhere. -Dan Rafferty Ryall Porter Architects drafferty@ryallporter.com
  3. I was just on the MicroSpot web site and saw that they are selling a bundle for the HP 500 series. Perhaps that is what you need? We use a DesignJet 488CA here and have had some complaints about the manner in which the HP Software RIP on the host computer. When the PostScript job leaves the client running VectorWorks 8.5.2, the Software RIP (also on a B&W G3) doesn't detect the file and begin the RIP process unless the Finder is made active. Unless you have a dedicated host, that means interrupting the user of the host computer to switch in and out of the Finder. Then, the Software RIP can really only handle two jobs at a time even though we have tried some really high memory allotments to the software. Five jobs may be queued up, but then you have to go and Quit the RIP, re-launch it and print two more jobs. Again, not fatal, but pretty hands on to keep the workflow moving. I'm not sure if the RIP set-up will be different for your planned 500 series purchase, but those are the caveats I give. Perhaps MicroSpot is worth keeping around(?) -Dan Rafferty Ryall Porter Architects drafferty@ryallporter.com
  4. Thank you for telling me about the move page tool. I didn't know it was there but always figured there should be a tool like it, so it was good to come across it with your help...
  5. In the On-Line Help, there is a Move Print Tool mentioned. It would be used to move the gray box of your print area around the drawing area, presumably. I cannot find this tool, however, in any of the menus. Anyone know where it is?
  6. I have a couple of questions on printing VectorWorks files in PostScript: 1. Is there any advantage or need to select the level of PostScript (1, 2 or3)? Is that dependent on my plotter? I use an HP DesignJet 488CA with their RIP software. 2. There are two VW options to set with checkboxes: "Print PostScript Only" and "Send PostScript Savvy Transparent Bitmaps" What do these do? Why would/wouldn't I select them? Occasionally I have been frustrated with the plotting from VectorWorks but I think it's to do with the RIP Software provided by HP with the 488CA. Has anyone successfully used a 3rd party RIP application for VectorWorks to the 488? I'd be curious to get recommendations.
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