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  1. Pat, Charles and Orso, Thanks for the feedback. It was definitely a handle issue. I worked around it by doing some clipping rather than all the CIS calls. It's ok for now. BobD.
  2. Hello All, I am running 11.5 on an XP machine. I have a PIO in which I am doing a few Combine Into Surface ops to finally get the required object shape. When run, the resulting polyline is invisible. The only way to display it is to manually hatch/fill it. I have tried to SetFPat within the code, but it does not matter. I am doing tons of other similar stuff within my system, and this does not happen at all. It seems to be directly related to the CIS operation. Any hints on what is going on would be appreciated. Thanks, BobD
  3. Charles, I have it working. It was a simply the order in which I was doing the update to the 1/5 PIO. SetRField and ResetObject from the param PIO works just fine. Thanks for your help, BobD.
  4. Charles, There are 5 different types of PIOs, not instances. On any given layer one of the 5 would be on a layer along with the PIO that sets the params. By linear I meant the update would have to be to one of the PIOs, not recursive among 5 PIOs. So linear does not mean a type of object in this context. Thanks, Bob
  5. There could be up to 5 PIOs to update, however this would be linear - not recursive. I am running 11.5 on Window XP Pro SP2 on Pentium D Duo 3.2GHz box.
  6. Charles, Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, I agree with all that you said. The only issue is synchronization. In the executing PIO I use SetRField and ResetObject on the second PIO and when the first PIO is done, indeed the params in the second PIO are updated, but no redraw occurs in the second PIO unless I move it, etc... , so the second PIO drawing can be out of synch with its own param values. However, if I update a param in the first PIO twice in a row, then the second PIO will redraw correctly. I guess this is the best I can expect at this time. Thanks again, Bob D.
  7. Hello All, This seems to be an ongoing question. I have a PIO with parametric data which other PIOs read and are then generated. What I want to happen is to immediately reflect parameter data changes in one PIO in other specific PIOs. I have tried all combinations of ResetObject, resetting class name, RedrawAll, as suggested in this forum. The best that I can get to happen is to modify a parameter twice in a row, and the second time I can get the other PIO to regenerate correctly. Any ideas out there? thanks, BobD.
  8. Hello, In moving from 11.5 to 2008, one of the first things I noticed was the pixilated zooming in 2008. From reading the threads, seems like this was introduced in 12 to speed up drawing. I find zooming on 2008 very annoying as parts of the drawing disappear as you zoom. I do a lot line drawing across a document by selecting a point and then zooming in to the next point. I am sure that this does speed up the zooming process, and must be appreciated by those displaying tons of vectors. Since this is implemented in the VW software, I am requesting a switch in preferences to turn this on and off. That would enable a user to decide when he/she would need the zoom speed up. Bob D.
  9. Peter, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I started doing a list box. The checkboxes are so clean to implement vs. the list box. All in all, the VW dialog interface is a bit of a duct-tape job.
  10. Hello, I have a custom dialog box that contains a check box for each layer, and an 'ALL' check box to select all. Problem is, once I have >40 or so layers, I cannot get to bottom of the list to do any selections. Is there a built in way to scroll the dialog? Thanks, BobD
  11. Hello, I have >1000 layers that I want to export as individual dwg/dxf files. I am running 11.5 without any batch printing capability. When I export now, it requires a bunch of manual entry to export a file, and then each file is placed in its own directory. Is there any way to batch this and have a bunch of dwg files go to one directory? thanks, BobD
  12. Nick, Duh! You're so right! Cheers, Bob
  13. Katie/VW Tech Support, Can you answer my question regarding supported projections for RenderWorks? Does RenderWorks support oblique cabinet projections? Thanks, BobD
  14. Nick, thanks, that's what I found also. My second post details what I really need to understand - can I get high-quality renderings using renderworks and oblique cabinet projections. Cheers, BobD
  15. grant and Ray, Thanks for the inputs. Ray, that's right, OpenGL does not render in oblique cabinet projection. The documentation says that OpenGL does not support the oblique cabinet projection in the standard non-renderworks release of VW. I need to produce high-quality renderings, so OpenGL is not a requirement as long as renderworks would render the oblique cabinet projection. Since I am trying to decide on upgrading to Architect 12, I would like to verify that renderworks would provide this. Could someone please try this out and let me know? Thanks, BobD
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