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  1. The ambient lighting brightens the scene, although it depends what type of textures you have in your drawing. For a realistic white color rendering, you may have to tweak the textures a bit.
  2. @Dubman Could you send us the test file to look into the wall problem? Thanks for your testing efforts Walid
  3. @Kevin McAllister Hi Kevin, Could you send me the file to investigate the delays you're experiencing? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi Kaare, Would you be able to send me the crash log? We want to investigate this issue further. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi Grethe, Would you be able to send me the file to investigate this problem? Thanks.
  6. Hi aladino, could you send us the files you are having problems with so we can investigate this further ? also do you have Quartz turned ON or OFF in the VW Prefs dialog ? Walid Remaili Quality Assurance wremaili@nemetschek.net NNA
  7. David, Here are some test results from the test file you sent us. Hidden line rendering is faster in 11.5.1 than in 11.0.1. Can you give us some steps on how you are getting different results with HLR ? Results w/OSX(10.4.3) on a Dual 1.8Ghz G5/ 1GB RAM: HLR test: 11.0.1/ 3D conversion res 'Very High' --> 30 secs HLR test: 11.5.0/ 3D conversion res 'Very High' --> 20 secs HLR test: 11.5.1/ 3D conversion res 'Very High' --> 20 secs the other issue with the Hidden line rendering being slower when the 3D Conversion Resolution is changed from 'Low' to 'Very High' is something we are currently investigating. Walid Remaili Quality Assurance NNA
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