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  1. Yes, Patrick, you are right, the foot mark at the end of number is causing a problem. With Delete() procedure I cured the problem.
  2. Please help, I have no luck with Str2Num function What can be wrong in this procedure, while say TextObject=40.25' is a string, I get correct HeightString= 41.25', but for variable locus I get zlocus=0 no matter what is HeightString. VAR HeightString:STRING; xlocus,ylocus,zlocus,xtext,ytext:REAL; TextObject:HANDLE; HeightString:=GetText(TextObject); zlocus:=Str2Num(HeightString); Message('Locus 3D z= HeightString ', HeightString, 'zlocus= ', zlocus);Wait(4);
  3. I have a question for best way to INSERT a) custom Logo and/or b) Professional Stamp into TitleBlock. The same TitleBlock is on my 14 Layer Sheets, all in the same document. One way is to insert as Bitmap Image, another way is to insert as a Group, third way is to insert as 2D Symbol. Question1) I wonder if inserting as 2D Symbol will make a total file size smaller. Question 2) TitleBlock itself is a 2D Symbol, so inserting other images as 2D Symbols make it as a "Nested Symbol". As a result I can't use "Custom Selection" or Custom Modification". While I have nothing else drawn on a page except the TitleBlock, the Search for Symbols do not recognize any of my Logo or Stamp 2D-Symbol at all. Question 3) If I use Bitmap instead of 2D symbols, when VW file is exported to DWG, all Logo and Stamp files are exported one by one, making total 28 bitmap png's (for 14 sheets with 14 TitleBlocks with one Logo and one Stamp) - just a waste of space. Any recommendations or ideas for the best solution of inserting Images into TitleBlocks? The goal is A) to minimize the file size, B) to be able to Custom Select nested images.
  4. Here some Doors/Windows schedules with first column numbering. See attached VW file
  5. I used workaround similar to yours. In attached file you can see that in Title Block Record called 'MyCustBlkRecord 36x24' I am using special field 'S_Sheet No _ of' to catch the sheet number. (Go to Design Layer "Miscel" to see the main spreadsheet output. Open worksheet "SHEET INDEX", and make Database Headers shown) My "Sheet Index" worksheet is a good place to change any field info, since it works like a two-way table. Need to apply "update" for all title blocks and spreadsheets to refresh and bring them to the new state. I think this same procedure can be done with any symbol if you can create new record field "SerialNumber" for example. All is good, but not really a full automatic process. I was hoping to find some Script to catch for example "Stack Order" of Sheet Layers. If you think about it, the subrows of database must rely on stack order or creation order of all graphic elements (Sheet Layers, Door/Windows, any Symbol etc). Obviously this static information copied/pulled into the first column of spreadsheet may not be as dynamic as two-way table, but nevertheless it is something I would like to try. See attached file. By the way, one spreadsheet in viewport is on sheet layer "AS-GP1" and second spreadsheet, also in viewport is on sheet layer "S-GN1"
  6. Can anyone look in .PNG attachment and tell if database subrows numbering can be replicated in the first column of any database. We use spreadsheets all the time and first column numbering is important for us. However, when spreadsheet includes database subrows, I can't find the solution for making similar numbering.
  7. "Yes you can reference other cells and info from other worksheets. Just ref the name of the worksheet where the data is residing." Can you please tell me how to reference cell from other worksheet. E.g. (Worksheet 2 cell A1) needs to refer to (Worksheet 1 cell B2) What is a syntax for cell A1 ? I tried this, but it doesn't work ='Worksheet 1'.B2
  8. Dear Patrick: 1) To your question: "Where did you get the information about the NNA_PropertyLine_CurveData record? How did you create the database? I can not find any indication (other than the worksheet shows the data) that such a record exists." Here is the answer: If you try to draw any Curve, say command Arc and then Modify:Convert:Convert from Polyline:Property Line - it will automatically create curve data database/worksheet using internal algorithm designed by NNA. 2) I will submit a bug report and ask that the Delta field be changed from Text to Angle as the field type. Thank you very much for your help.
  9. Please see attached my VW file with a question about database in a worksheet. I want to find the way to how 1) recognize what kind of non-numeric field was used in database by NNA-Property_Line 2) how it is possible to retrieve non-numeric field value into new worksheet I also tried Pat Stanford's script to recognize parameters for PIO Property-Line. It works fine for any PIO , but not in my case when Property line with curves created in a worksheet with criteria then immediately deleted by NNA_Property_line subroutine hidden form me. Please help.
  10. As far as I know in order to show on top header the summarize count of all subrows the correct formula will be =Value(('Lighting Device'.'Fixture Cost') After which you can use any format you want. It works for any linear or area measurement. I could not find the solution for Angle calculation. In your case for summing any number it works. Tx.
  11. B1 is Header for the Database to show rows of information it is correctly done, so B1 has been entered with this formula to call for the record information ='Filed.Record' that is: =('Lighting Device'.'Fixture Cost') If you replace it with anything else, like =B1 I can't see how your database rows are remain valid? I am still puzzled how do you summarize on top at B1 cell in my case the formatting didn't work, it always shows 28 no matter what formatting I use for the cell: General, Decimal with so many digits etc. Please advise what was the solution. Tx,
  12. Is there any other easy way to make an opening in curved structure than using solid subtraction? see attached screen shots.
  13. Please correct me if I am wrong. The 'Attribute Palette' at the very bottom has a triangle to choose an option for "Make All Attributes by Class". This gives the same desirable effect, doesn't it?
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