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  1. After a lot of trying I found out that the UndoOff-Procedure prevents HExtrude from working in VW11! The following code should produce a polygon and extrude it, but the extrusion doesn't happen: code: PROCEDURE testExtrude; VAR h: HANDLE; BEGIN UndoOff; ClosePoly; BeginPoly; AddPoint(0,0); AddPoint(2,0); AddPoint(2,2); AddPoint(0,2); EndPoly; h := HExtrude(LNewObj, 0, 4); END;[/code] If I take away the UndoOff, everything works fine. Is this a bug or a feature? At least I found no hints in the documentaton and now I wonder if there are more nasty side effects of the UndoOff procedure. Anyone with similar experience? Fabian


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