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  1. quote: Originally posted by MikeB: We have about 14 macs, most are G-3's on OS 8.6 and one G-4 on OS 9. We have trouble with the print area changing to "other" instead of "one page" this seems to be a random problem and what happens is when you send the drawing to the printer it sends 2 pages instead of one and causes the plotter to crash. You have to pay close attention to the dialogue box as the file spools to catch it. Does anyone else have problem? Yes I have the same problem on a PC, wath I have to do is export the Drwg to DXF and then print from a Viewer (Autodesk Volo View) Bengt
  2. How do retrive the dimension of my 2D symbols when i create a report or worksheet ? Best Regards Bengt Ekholm
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