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  1. Yes - I request a super elevation tool as well be added to new features.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. That is a novel approach I will experiment with. It would be nice if road crown profiles could be included in future roadway tools as a standard feature.
  3. What I mean by laying out a vertical curve, is starting with the PVI and bisecting the length (L)of the curve in equal distances to both the PVT and PVC, and then calculating the vertical offsets (d) from the incoming tangent through the length of the curve to establish the vertical curve centerline elevations. If I use VectorWorks to create a Bezier curve with the starting point at the PVC and the end point at the PVT, will the offset elevations equal the parabolic curve elevations as would be calucated above? In summary, we are looking for a way to use VectorWorks for engineered road alignment as an alternative to Autodesk's LDD. Thanks for your help. We really appreciate it.
  4. Does anyone know whether a bezier curve is a parabolic curve? Also, has anyone used VectorWorks to lay out vertical curves?
  5. has anyone figured out whether it is possible to develop roads with accurate road crown reflected in the DTM?


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