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  1. If you are working on a Mac here is a workarourd that does what you need.

    First copy your worksheet to the "clipboard". Now leave VW and open the application "scrapbook" (found on the Apple menu). Paste your worksheet into the scrapbook. Now cut the worksheet from the scrapbook (command-X). Return to VW and paste your worksheet into your drawing. It will appear as individual lines and text blocks plus a background polygon (which I usually delete). I perform this little dance everytime I need to export a worksheet.

  2. quote:

    Originally posted by Caleb Strockbine:

    How would the user be able to tell that something was actually undone, then, if the thing happened to be outside the current view? I can see people hitting undo many times in an effort to get it to work, and all the while they might be undoing half their drawing without realizing it!

    VW is a professional level program. As with most programs of this level (i.e. everything by Adobe and every CAD program i ever used) undo's take place regardless of the a view change. As a full time VW professional user I find it quite annoying that I am forced to back track all of my view changes just so that I am protected from an unseen undo. I'm a pro, if I type undo I mean it even if the action is off screen. Undo and view change need to be separate in VW just as they are in all other programs of this level.

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