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  1. Ok that worked great. Putting a space before each single digit entry results in a list that goes 1-25 properly. Thanks for the help
  2. Yes, thats what I thought of doing, but I wonder if its possible to order them 1-25 without putting a 0 in front of them
  3. I've created a Door Schedule with about 25 seperate doors. Each door has an ID number, from 1-25. My problem is that when the Schedule is created, the database is arranged by numbers that start with 1 (1, 11,12,13 etc.) and then 2 (2,22,23). I have not been able to change the arrangement to 1-10-10-20 and so forth.. any suggestions?
  4. Thank You Brian, Both of those examples work very well. I'm still in the early stages of understanding relfectivity, so help from time to time is greatly appreciated. I also wanted to ask you if you have an online portfolio of your work. I found your work posted on VectorDepot and I now have aspirations to create renderings of that quality and detail. Thanks again for your help
  5. Sorry, the link wasn't correct. The first image link, under Brian Burkholder, is the example I meant to show
  6. I've finished building a model of a house I'm working on. I'm now in the rendering stage of the project but I've run into a small problem. The model itself is an exterior view only, as in I didn't create anything in the interior. I want to place a glass texture for the Style Glazing on my windows but I not quite sure what parameters to use. I've seen several examples of VW Renderings that utilize a texture that has glass like attributes but does not allow for a transparent view of the interior. Here is an example of what I'm trying to do: http://www.vectordepot.com/gallery1.shtml#Burkholder Any suggestions?
  7. I have created a DTM Existing Site model and I have been trying to modify the site to allow for the proper insertion of a house model. My problem is that the site takes a very sharp slope from front to back (about a 15' change of height.) The first floor slab sits at 13' and a garage slab sits at 1'6". Using the objects from polyline tool, I have created Site modifying pads and using the Create Fences from Pad tool to create a fence. When I process these changes to the proposed site model, the DTM comes out not looking as I expected, which would be the contours touching just below the slab of the first floor. Any suggestions or similar problems? Maybe just some pointers on Site Modifiers would help.
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