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  1. I have a long narrow roof that I would like to create a centre valley with multiple drains and saddles in between each drain. I can link the first two drains together and create a saddle but when I try to link the second two it gives me an error about 160 degree angle (see attached). Is there a way to do this?
  2. I know this is the convention. However, I would like to have the option to show imperial scales as 1/4" : 1'-0" and still have them use the correct scale of the viewport instead of typing a custom value.
  3. This may seem like a peculiar request, but it would be nice to be able to select "=" or ":" for metric or imperial scales. I like to use ":" when using imperial because scale is still a ratio to me, not an equal.
  4. It would be great if viewports retained the last render time in the OIP so you can see how long it took when you have to leave it do its thing. I saw on a video concerning maxwell that there is a setting to enter a rendering time in that software and it will produce the best quality rendering for it. A plugin for maxwell would be great too - seems to be available for other nemetschek products, just not VW.
  5. I recently changed my workflow on some projects to allow me to use the auto document coordination. I used to setup sheets to show multiple pages at once. With ADC I have to have only have one page per sheet layer for it to reference properly. It would be nice to have a view of individual sheet layers on a larger canvas and still have ADC work.
  6. It seems that when you "enter" a slab object it does not show the context objects like when you enter other similar object types. Not sure if this is a bug or something not implemented or I am doing something wrong. I often have to modify the underlying geometry and snap to surrounding objects.
  7. It would be nice to have some indication that there are objects in the annotations level of a viewport. Maybe this is shown as an icon that can be switched on an off directly on the viewport, or some notice in OIP. Or maybe a dialogue box that alerts you to the objects after you try to delete the viewport if you forget.
  8. I would like to use the clip qube to be the basis for renderings in other than OpenGL. My workaround so far seems to viewport a clip tube view as a section viewport to a design layer and then viewport to a sheet layer and use renderworks on that. however the clipped plane does not poche the objects but makes them hollow. Image shows this.
  9. I figured out the problem. The original objects were not set to show the fill colour by class and so the viewport could not override them.
  10. I have a floor plan that is in a viewport. I want to change the fill of the walls in the plan for that viewport only. However, the override seems to only work on walls that do not have a texture applied to them. Anyone else notice this behaviour? Any workarounds?
  11. I have a custom drawing label I've set up as a plug-in object. Is there a way to program the sheet number to work with automatic document coordination?
  12. An easier way to apply an aerial image to a DTM is needed. The workflow I would image is the user aligns a scaled aerial bitmap to the DTM, selects both and a VW command then applies the aerial to the DTM in the correct location and at the correct scale. If VW needs to create a texture to do so this should be automated so the user does not have to do anything more than select the bitmap and the DTM and run the command. Maybe there is a way to do this now and I do not know about it.
  13. It would be nice to be able to crop imported PDFs directly like you can with imported images.
  14. Using VW2008, I have a DTM with a few site modifier pads. Trouble is they are drawn in red and I cannot figure our how to change this. They even show up as red lines in renderings. I've tried changing attributes, class, and rendering to no avail. There must be a simple way to change this?
  15. Well, this code is magic! Here is the resulting code that seems to work. Any optimizations would be appreciated. code: If IsNewCustomObject(ObjectName) THEN BEGIN If IsVPGroupContainedObject(objectHand, 2) = TRUE THEN BEGIN layerScale:=GetObjectVariableReal(objectHand, 1003); END ELSE BEGIN layerScale:=getLScale(ActLayer); END END ELSE If IsVPGroupContainedObject(objectHand, 2) = TRUE THEN BEGIN layerScale:=GetObjectVariableReal(GetVPGroupParent(GetParent(objectHand)), 1003); END ELSE BEGIN layerScale:=getLScale(getLayer(ObjectHand)); END;[/code] Thanks.
  16. There does not seem to be a way to access the scale set for the viewport. Although this may not be the problem as I tried this on a 1:1 scale viewport and the problem still exists. NNA objects of a similar type (elevation markers, etc.) seem to work properly, so their code has some special magic! But of course we do not access this code, unless someone is listening?
  17. I have a few PIOs that I created for VW 9/10 that function properly in VW 11 and 12 except in viewport annotations. When in a viewport annotation and a parameter is changed, they redraw improperly. Should I be checking to see if the PIO is in an annotation, and if so, how would this be done? Is there a different origin that I should be aware of?
  18. I am trying to set the gradient fill angle of a wall, based on its rotation angle. I have found a number of vectorscript procedures that are for gradient fills, but do not know how to tie them together to determine the fill angle. Anyone know how this might be done?
  19. You can do this yourself! Just set up a page the way you like and save it as a Template. Then the next time you open a new document you can choose it from the list in the dialogue box.
  20. Does anyone think the ability to snap to the corners/centre of the page as useful? I would like to be able to precisely align objects to the corners or the centre of the page, and be able to grab the page using handles at the corners or centre using the move page tool.
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