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  1. when opening a file from a previous version of vector works a box comes up in vector works saying do you want to asociate old version files with the new version, you say yes and then it comes up with an error saying access denied could not change regestry key or something to that effect. ive gone throuh and given "Everyone" full access to the nemetschek folder in the regestry and all subfolders and regestry entrys but this has made no effect. im sure if i make the user a local administrator it would work however this is a school and we cant have students having local administrator rights. is there any regestry keys any where else i have to change permissions on ?
  2. quote: Originally posted by Flip: Hi, I ran into this issue myself with the locally installed dongles. In my case i set permissions on te registry key: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nemetschek\VectorWorks 11\Registration" To "full control" for users This is the key where the serial numbers are stored. In your case this registry key might be located at the server. Thanks HEAPS i tried this and it works like a charm, i changed the permissions for that regestry entry on the clients to "authenticated users" to have full control. loged off loged in as the user and it loaded up fine. I didnt see any regkeys in the server so looks like its a client specific thing, I hope that the vector works programers fix this in the next release as i think it is quite a big issue. would say admins like me a whooole lota time, i now have to go round to lots of computers and add those permissions. Thanks for your help Flip I hope this thread can help some one else in the future.
  3. hello there we have just brought vector works and have a dongle etc.. ive installed vector works on the machines and they can pick up licences from the dongle on a server. However when i log on as a student with ordenary user privliges they are unable to obtain a licence from the dongle. they request a serial number put in and when you go to put it in it says the licence server could not be contacted. if i make the student user an administrator or power user it works, however this is VERY undesirable as students like to tamper with things. How do i make it so a user with plain old privliges can run vector works ? our enviroment: Windows 2000 server Active Directory domain windows xp sp 2 clients dongle is on a windows 2000 server so just to sum that up. we need users who are not computer administrators/power users to be able to run vector works and get a licence. Thanks


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