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  1. VectorWorks8.5 "Float 3D objects"Menu command of the "DTM" menu hava a problem. This situation occur both platform. A problem is as the following. 1.Half of moved 3DSymbols sink into DTM model. 2.Moved 3DSymbols float more than DTM model. 3.A part of 3D Locus isn't moved.
  2. VectorWorks8.5 Dormer is sometimes corrupt. This situation occur both platform. Please follow this sequence. 1.Make a Roof by using "Create Roof from Polygon" or make a wall from the polygon, and using"Create Roof from Walls"Menu command. 2.Insert 3Dsymbol into the Roof. 3.Dormer will be strange shape. 4.Select Dormer, and see a "obj Info"palette. 5.The number of "WallThick"is 0. 6.Enter a number more than 0 for the"WallThick". 7.Dormer will be correct shape. There is no problem when using for the Walls "Create Roof from Walls"Menu command.
  3. VectorWorks8.5 This is a request. When Walls was made by using "Create Walls from Polygon"Menu command , only some of the Walls are select. We want to select all Walls(in this case) , because we must select all Walls again before making a Roof by using "Create Roof from Walls" Menu command.
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