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  1. Andrew, Thanks to your directions for fixing the hidden line problem, I had a hunch and went looking for the Render Bitmap Tool in the Workspace Editor. Vini. Vidi. Vici. I can now render a small section of my facet-free dwawings. It's a wonderful world. Thanks again. Steve Frushour
  2. Thanks for all your help. I'm now facet free. Now, on to the next item on my wish list: Bitmap Render Tool. Where is it? How do I get it if it's not already in my VW folder?
  3. I should have mentioned that I'm using VW 9.5.2. Interestingly, I received a VW file in which the facets are invisible. When I copy an object from that file to one of my files the facet line reappear. When I drop my object into that file the facets go away. I've looked all over their preferences and can find nothing that I'm not already doing. Yet, I still get facet lines. I installed the plug-in, Hidden Line Smoothing Angle.vsm,and still get the facets.
  4. All great, but where on earth does one enter the values on the Hidden Line Smoothing plug-in? I've looked all over the place. VW 9.5.2
  5. Same problem (with facet lines), so I downloaded the Hidden Line Smoothing plug-in. Results: same as without the plug-in. Some users write about changing the 'angle' setting, but after spending a lot of frustrating time in fromt of my computer, I still can't find a setting that gets rid of the facet lines. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Steve F.
  6. Once the handles of a dimension are off they cannot be turned on again. Which means that dimensions cannot be adjusted or eliminated. What command did I accidently switch on that inserted this gremlin into my files?
  7. I think I discovered that VW animations cannot be shared with computers that do not have VectorWorks installed, and not even with those with a different version of VW. Is there some magic way to convert VW animations to real QuickTime so they can be shared with others? I'd like to burn the files to a CD, and sometimes to send them as e-mail attachments. Am I missing something, or are animations (to paraphrase Ian Fleming) For My Eyes Only?
  8. VectorWorks 9.5.0 file failed to print to and Epson ColorStylus 3000 when it contained and imported 'PICT as picture'. Same problem when a different image was imported 'PICT as picture'. An Apple LaserWriter printed the file. When the offending image was removed the Epson accepted the file and printed it. Is there a known fault? I'm sure I printed similar files in the past. What's up with that?
  9. IRONIC TWIST! I am the instigator of this very interesting conversation, but I have to excuse myself now. You see, a semi-truck ran into the building where I work. It took out one of transformers which caused a massive surge which destroyed the computer I worked on. My NEW G4, OS 9.1, QT 5.0.1, 640 MB RAM, 466 MHz, ATI Rage Pro 16 MB machine suffers none of the 'Video Woes' I initially sought help with. Problem solved.
  10. According to Nemetschek, there is a 9.0.1 patch on the way that will fix this problem. Assuming that you are using a Mac.
  11. rj, Are you still using VW 8? I've cranked VW 9's memory allocation to the max with the same faulty results. VW 8 works fine on the same machine with far less memory devoted to it. CURRENT SITUATION: 1.) I'm still using VW 8, 2.) there is an expensive, useless white elephant occupying 78 MB on my hard drive, and 3.) I'm patiently awaiting Nemtschek N.A. to come up with a fix. Hello Nemetsheck. Anybody home?
  12. At conclusion of rendering I'm warned that the memory allocation must be increased to successfully complete all functions. Memory to VW 9 is already increased to 10X suggested! The screen shows the rendered object, but the rendering options list shows that the screen is still in the 'wireframe' mode. The exported image shows the wireframe version, not a rendered one. Any fixes to this? VW 9 is useless until images can be exported.
  13. When I put a brand new, expensive Radeon Mac Edition 32 MB video card in my Mac G3 I thought I was going to be in rendering heaven. Unfortunately, there seems to be some incompatibility problems. Namely, 1)object handles are invisible (unless the object is locked), and 2)the rules are grayed and show only the major divisions. The problems go away and return during a work session (I'm unable to determine what action it takes to cause the reversals). As you can guess, it is impossible to work without handles. Any guess as to the reason and how to fix this problem? ------------------
  14. McNurb is very difficult to use. The learning curve is steep and unforgiving: make a mistake and you have to start a new drawing. Trying to make two shapes look like a continuous curve is time consuming and requires some luck, too. Multiply the problems when attempting to make a complex shape with multiple parts. Adding a texture (like a photographic image)? Forget it. McNurb shapes are made of many components and each one gets textured individually. But, I don't know of any other way to make organic shapes in VectorWorks.
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