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  1. Since people here are architects and designers, by mental habit they're envisioning the future as they want to see it. What some may not appreciate if they don't have a background in software is that complex software takes a long time to build right, and must be built incrementally - just like buildings... The question is not 'Why hasn't Nemetschek built our utopian vision already?' but 'Is what Nemetschek has already built useful enough to add value?' I think the clear answer is a resounding yes. If people (no naming names here) really want to wait until this feature is 'finished' they may be waiting a long time. I think we should all be glad that Nemetschek have made such a promising start. (Disclaimer: I'm a software engineer with a degree in architecure so I have some knowledge of building complex software)
  2. Or, create a model view first, then section the model view and create a viewport of that. Incidentally, I've found it useful for perspective or isometric sections to create both a 2d and a 3d section at the same point, then convert the 2d section to 3d and place it over the cut in the 3d section. By fiddling with the fill on the 2d section you can get your 3d section properly poched (otherwise the cut walls look hollow).
  3. I've had that when exporting renderings as images, so I'm not sure its really a printing problem - I can't remember the details of what I did to get it tho' :-( A (very poor) example of what I'm talking about is here [ 07-06-2005, 10:41 AM: Message edited by: Colin Howlett ]
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