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  1. We have developed a plant list that sorts plants into their categories. Unfortunately it commonly misplaces plants (a tree listed as a perennial, etc). not sure why this happens because each time i go and double check the setting in the plant database it is properly categorized. If I 'ok' my way out (essentially recreating the plant definition) this usually fixes the issue.
  2. in regards to the relation between the 'define plant dialog' "spread" and the 'set default plant tool' "spread", i have noticed that the value entered in the 'define plant dialog'window (something that is required) will occasionally show up when selecting the plant from the 'set default plant tool' window. however this is not 100% accurate. it seems that the 'set default plant tool' window wants to draw information from the 'define plant dialog' window but has trouble doing so.
  3. Reem, We are also experiencing difficulty with the plant category feature. We have one plant list that is designed to separate the plants into their particular 'plant categories.' However when i recalculate the plant list there is usually a few plants that have been misplaced (perennials listed as trees, shrubs listed as perennials, etc). the only solution i have found is to edit the plant catalog, coming all the way back up the chain of command to the plant reference database (where the plant category resides). Everytime the proper plant category is listed and i simply have to 'ok' the creation of the particular plant all over again. this usual solves the problem but i find it rather problematic that i constantly have to double and sometimes triple check the plant list.


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