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  1. Vladislav Stanev

    Irrigation Tools...So Slow!

    @ericjhberg can you send me a test file? I want to profile and see what's going on, so we can fix the problem: vstanev@vectorworks.net
  2. Vladislav Stanev

    Is the search in developer.vectorworks.net broken?

    Yes, the API for the google search that we use has been deprecated. We'll update it soon.
  3. Vladislav Stanev

    Reporting Pressure Loss in Worksheets...incorrect values?!

    Hi Eric, to add to Lance's response. This works via a new worksheet function 'WSCustomUnitsTranslate' The worksheets have been updated to use that function os it reports the same value as the OIP. See the worksheet in a new file.
  4. Vladislav Stanev

    Problems Encrypting a Python Script

    Hi, sorry for the late response. I didn't get notification for this for some reason. Anyway, the configuration XML file should be placed next to the vso/vst/vsm file, and it should have the same name. Below, i'll give you a sample xml. The Tools -> Plug-ins-> Encrypt Sript menu you found will only encrypt a single text file. You need to work with the plugins, and thus you need to run the Plugin Manager. You can encrypt a one plugin from the Plugin Manager (as an alternative to EncryptVSPluginFilePath call) holding Ctrl+Shirt+Alt on win or Ctrl+Option+Cmd+Shift+CapsLock on mac and double click on a plugin. It's rather obscure way, and we have plants to make it more stream lined. Maybe this would be easier for your case. (I though this was documented in F1 help, but i couldn't find it) A sample XML file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><!-- This file defines how the corresponding script plug-in should be packaged--><Plugin> <Package> <File>Common/__init__.py</File> <File>Common/Includes/__init__.py</File> <File>Common/Includes/vsoEventsConstants.py</File> <File>Common/Includes/Vector.py</File> <File>Common/Includes/Utilities_Setup.py</File> <File>Common/Includes/ObjsType.py</File> <File>Common/Includes/Utilities_General.py</File> <File>Common/Includes/CheckDashedLineStyle.py</File> <File>Common/Includes/Roadway_Curved.py</File> </Package> </Plugin>
  5. Vladislav Stanev

    Reporting Pressure Loss in Worksheets...incorrect values?!

    We internally store the values in metric. So what you see in the worksheet is kPa (kilo-pascals). However, it should translate the value when displaying in the worksheet. I wonder why it is not working. Can you send a simple file that demonstrates the problem?
  6. Can you send me a small test file that exhibits the problem? Maybe a video too so we can see how to reproduce it.
  7. Vladislav Stanev

    Temporary Disable Irrigation Network Update

    Hi Eric, i'll answer you on the threads of the questions.
  8. Vladislav Stanev

    Temporary Disable Irrigation Network Update

    Hi Eric, well, this is a giant file.It's awesome to see you pushing the limits. The XML property i told you about just removes the asynchronous calculations, which in this case is not useful. I'll add a new property to turn off the auto-calculations (SP2 hopefully) until we find a solution of this. This way, it will not interfere with your work but you'll have to do manual recalculate when you need to see updated values. Regards, Vlado
  9. Vladislav Stanev

    Temporary Disable Irrigation Network Update

    Hi Eric, You can disable the automated calculations and then you can use the menu command to recalculate. However, i'm interested to see why is it cumbersome to you? Can you send me a test file, or at least a video of the problem? (vstanev@vectorworks.net) Thank you. To disable the automated calculations, open this file: \Libraries\Defaults\Irrigation\IrrigationSettings.xml Edit it with a text editor, and put 'false' in the 'AsyncCalculation' tag (there is 'true' at the moment there). This file should be in your app folder. Regards, Vlado
  10. Vladislav Stanev

    Progress Dialog bug?

    Hello, It seems this is a bug in the software. Unfortunately, I cannot find a workaround. Thank you for reporting it. I've added a bug issue request and hopefully it will be fixed soon. Regards, Vlado
  11. Vladislav Stanev

    Origin Woes...

    Hi guys, this issue has already been fixed in VW2014 SP3. Regards, Vlado
  12. If you drag & drop files into Vectorworks, it will import them accordingly with the correct importer for the file type.
  13. Vladislav Stanev

    pasting into georef layers

    The request is implemented for Vectorworks 2015. Thanks for the input.
  14. Vladislav Stanev

    Problems Encrypting a Python Script

    Hi all, now I see this feature was never documented properly by Vectorworks. The encryption (obfuscation) of Python scripts is similar to the VectorScript process. I'll make sure we make an article on developer.vectorworks.net site about that. Until then, here is explanation of how python encryption (obfuscation) works. A user develops his python vso/vst/vsm plug-in. Typically, as the samples demonstrate, the code of the plug-in just includes an external py file. This way it is much easier to develop as it allows external IDE. At the end of the development, the python script is a collection of py files. The encryption (obfuscation) process (run from the Plugin manager or from EncryptVSPluginFilePath call) will compile and pack up all the external pyo or pyc files (those are compiled py files) into the vso/vst/vsm file. This means that the vso/vst/vsm files can be distributed without providing any of the source files. More on python files here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8822335/what-does-python-file-extensions-pyc-pyd-pyo-stand-for And here is the trick. For VectorScript the app follows the {$include} directive when doing this, but for Python, there is no way to follow the includes and figure out what is to be included. So, Vectorworks would expect an xml file next to your vso/vst/vsm that is being encrypted. This file will define what files must be included. Note, Vectorworks 2014 has a problem where the main script text inside the vso/vst/vsm will not be modified by the process. This means that even though the plug-in is packed up, the script text is still untouched and can be seen if there is an error reported. The issue will be fixed for VW2015. Here is an example xml file that defines several files to be packed up when encrypting (obfuscating) the plug-in: Note, the name of the XML file should be the same as the VSO/VST/VSM file. Common/__init__.py Common/Vector.py Common/Utilities.py Common/ObjsType.py MyDialog.py MainProgram.py
  15. Vladislav Stanev

    syntax for vs.ForEachObject(callback, c):

    Also, it is even more interesting (different than VectorScript) is the vs.GetPt call. See the sample at: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:GetPt


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