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  1. I am having a similar problem will wall fills. I have all my wall classes set with a fill. When I remove the fill in my class not all of the wall change to not having a fill. Then I have to go through and change all the rest through the attribute pallet.
  2. A coworker (new to the program) edited a file consisting of walls. The walls have lost there wall function. Does anyone have any idea what she could have done to cause this. I know I drew them as walls and now I have a file full of polylines and lines. I would like to figure out what she did so I can stop it from happening again. Thanks
  3. I am running VW11.5 off a windows machine and everytime I try to print to the Deskjet 1220C it crashes VectorWorks. Before I upgraded from VW11 to 11.5 I got a runtime error before it crashed. I updated to 11.5 and uninstalled my current version of quicktime and reinstalled the suggested version of quicktime and now I do not even get an error message before it crashes. Can anyone help?


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