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  1. I haven't had that specific problem, but I always make sure that VW is set to use somewhere between half and 2/3 or your system memory. Once you get it loaded, can you post back what settings you use in LW3 to create the file that VW imports correctly?
  2. I have noticed that while printing files to an HP455-EA0, That I have had problems with the corrct line weights showing up. My file has two layers, one with the architecture and fine detail of the walls, and a second layer below that with the outline and the cross hatching. I use a polygon to trace the perimeter of the wall, fill it with the appropriate cross hatch, and make the border a hevier line weight. When I go to print then at a few point that heavier border has dropped away, and I am left seeing the thinner line weigth of the layer above. Any Ideas?
  3. I came across this one the other day. If you are using the Replace instrument command from the pull down menu, you are prompted to choose the new instrument from the folders attached to your file. If the folder containing your Instrument symbols ALSO has another nested folder inside of it, then the command will not display the instruments in the folder. Easy fix was to move the nested folder to some where else. Have fun.
  4. I was messing around with the Drapery tool in VW8.5.2. I like the idea of the multipart ruffled poly line, however I could never get the line to look apealing. What looked wrong is your Drapery tool always assumes 200% fullness in the fabric(4' of fabric bunched into 1'). Would it be possible to design the tool to work with 0%(1' to 1' ie. flat), 50% or 100%(2' to 1') fullness?
  5. I'm guessing at your problem, and am not sure if I have hit the mark. I always start a blank document using the Theatrical Lighting Template; and then I never mess with the scale of the setup layers. When you place and define an instrument, then that instrument and thoes labels are in the light plot Layer. By definition thoes labels are now independent of the Setup Layer. When you place the labels around the symbol key in the setup layer, then thoes labels are taking their position from the center of the symbol shown. When You start placing instruments, then the labels are always placed using that original distance. So if the labels were placed based on an ERS Zoom, then when you place a fresnels the Color Label is going to be way out there. From What you described, I am not sure if that is your problem though. When I start a new light plot I always build the inventory away from the drawing. I place one type of instrument, Define it as an instrument, Arrange the labels according to that instruments size, add any standard data like frame size or lamp wattage, then I duplicate that instrument until I have the number in my inventory. I do this for all of my instruments. Then When I am arranging instruments on my plot I drag from my stock pile onto the plot, Rotate the instruments accordingly, assign to a lighting position, then add in the rest of the data to the instrument. If I need to I can edit the instrument group, and Remove the labels I don't want(I Like to show dimmers for single lamp circuits, but I remove the dimmer field from my cyc light cells because I have so many of them gaigned together) This way all of my fresnels have the same labeling pattern, and all of my ERS zooms have the color label 18" away from the center of the symbol. I have seen a couple of bugs that moved labels and placed them wrong, But I haven't seen too many of thoes since 8.5.2 Hope this helps.
  6. I know that on some instrument counting operations you need to select the instruments you want to count, but for others VW counts the entire data base. Try selecting the instruments or position.
  7. Why have posts on the Theatrical Lighting Board been unanswered since September 25th? [This message has been edited by PerrinWoods (edited 10-22-2000).]
  8. I have given a few classes to fairly new CAD draftspeople, most coming form an art and PhotoShop background. My findings(and these might not be accurate) are that VW Classes act most like AutoCAD's Layers. VW Layers don not exist in AutoCAD, but are similar to PhotShop's Layers. I draw in Layers mainly for the "gray Others" ability, and because I can scale layers differently from eachother.
  9. This reply is not related to the MAC platform. I have run two monitors under Win98 for years, I bought VW8 and Win 2000 at the same time hoping to still run two monitors. Windows 2000 has an internal flaw that will only apply one monitor per Graphics Card Chip. So My Matrox G400 Dual Head can only run one monitor. Buyer beware. Nothing in the windows 2000 advertising states this fact. Although I still run VW8 under Win2000 for the security piece of mind.
  10. I am still having the problem of an unexpected error that closes VW8 when creating schedules on the MAC Platform. I have tried this same procedure on a PC and have found no problems. Does anyone know why the MAC version 8.5.2 is having this problem? Or how to fix it?
  11. I am a Lighting Design student who has truged his way from MC5 to VW8 creating light plots. The improvements over the years have been greatly appreciated. Recently I ran into the problem that when asking VW8 to create a schedule through the Theatrical Lighting Toolkit it creates a type 1 unexpected quit error on the Mac Platform. Is this something issolated to my computer, or is it a known bug with a fix coming out soon? I have tried starting new files and using the command(No lighting instruments in the file), I have tried using files that have Lighting Instruments in the file, I have tried sellecting instruments before I create the scheduls, and I get the same error. This really dosen't apply to me for I export to LW3 to do my paperwork, however I am interested in having paperwork printed on the same page as the light plot. I noticed that Create Schedules does try to do this, and I am curious if this can be turned on or off? I also have a question about importing from LW3. What are the settings needed by VW8 to import data. I have found it very easy for LW3 to rearrange incoming data, but the export to VW8 file never seems to be in the right format for VW8 to read correctly.
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