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  1. that worked quite well. Though now I have a new problem.... I select a bunch of objects, then run through them with a while statement. h := FSActLayer; while h <> NIL do begin hCenter(h,x,y); symbol(sym,x,y); DelObject(h) h := NextObj(h); end; this code will endlessly execute. Creating thousands of symbols. Because each time a symbol is created it is added to h and thus continues to execute.....Any ideas on how to stop this? [ 10-12-2005, 01:37 AM: Message edited by: mattb_ ]
  2. I'm having a similar problem. How do I get the location of a group centre? I need to convert a group to a symbol, but can't get the group location in xy.....help?
  3. Yeah tried it....Didn't work. Though I'm trying it in the message function. Thanks though.
  4. Is there a newline character for example \n to print to the next line?
  5. Thankyou So much. Having the data altered should not be a huge problem because the data will be generated each time the information is imported or exported. Yotarou: Thanks heaps from what I read in the script It should do what I'm looking for. Though, i have not tested it and will later tonight and will post back and tell you the results. Thanks again.
  6. Hi everybody. I pretty new to VS but I'm learning quickly. The task at hand is to import custom data from a text file. For example I have three REAL numbers on a line that represent XYZ values. I want to import these values and apply them to certain symbols XYZ coords. The problem is mainly at the moment that the symbols are already in the document but need updating. What I need help with is Identifing each symbol so that the imported data can be associated with a certain symbol. I hope this made sense. Thanks in advance.
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