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  1. Thanks for that Jim. All working now. This is a very helpful resource - I try to return the favour by seeing if I can help any others, but everyone seems a bit more high powered than me! I'll keep looking though. Thanks again, A.
  2. I should say that I'm using Vectorworks 10. Thanks, A.
  3. I am printing to techtronic phaser 780 and HP designjet 750C from Mac 10.3.9 Some text blocks are printing rotated - not fully rotated but each letter in the block seems to be lying flat instead of standing up. The same text block printed from a dirrerent layer will be ok. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks Jim, that's exactly what I was asking! I'll have to think of anither question now. A.
  5. Have used AutoCad in the past and would like to know if there's a V 10/11 equivalent to changing the UCS setting so's I can view the same 2D drawing in any orientation that I want. If not, is there a fundamental way of setting up a file that would facilitate constantly rotating plans/sections etc.? I am an Architect and use the program for making 2D plans, sections and elevations. Thanks for your help, A.


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