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  1. Ah ha! Yes, creating a pdf using the built in Mac generator when it's set for the Epson does indeed work. It doesn't allow me to print borderless and I have yet to check the print quality, but that's a great help. Will also attempt to reinstall the old print driver, though I don't think Canon goes in for updating them periodically as much as Epson does so there may be just one option. Thanks very much.
  2. OS 10.3.9 VW 10.0.1 Canon i9100 driver v 2.32 I have one VW file that is 19MB, which I wish to print onto 4 x A3 sheets of paper on the above printer. Every time I try to print it at 1:250 scale VW crashes, without fail. I cannot print each page individually, it crashes, I cannot create PDFs, either all 4 pages or one by one, it crashes. Sometimes I can print it at 1:500, but that's really not much use to me. I have previously (2 weeks ago, before the drawing got more complicated) been able to print this file without any problem at all. I have reinstalled VW and the printer driver. I have copied just the necessary bits of the drawing into another file, reducing it to about 5MB, the problem is still exactly the same. My iBook is 1.2GHz with 768MB RAM, the problem also happens on my G4 desktop, which is 1GHz with 1.1 MB RAM (but running OS 10.2.8). It seems, however, at the moment, to be happy printing to an Epson 1290 (which I only have limited access to and doesn't print completely borderless from a mac). HELP!!!! I am tearing my hair out and need to be able to print this file repeatedly and reliably this week and next before the final final final hand-in for my post-grad diploma. I may fail unless I can print this file.


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