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  1. The first method that comes to mind is by using the Compose command. So long as all four of the objects connect to one another (ideally at the endpoints) you can select all four objects then go Tool --> Compose and it should join all four objects into a solid polyline that is fully editable through the Objects and Attributes palettes.
  2. Hello, everyone. I work in a set design office where we've been using Vectorworks since version 8.0 or so. One of our most common uses for the program is in creating semi-complex Renderings for use in pitches for new jobs. Due to the complexity of these Renderings, though, we sometimes have up to four people at once working on them, assembling 3d components, changing lighting, choosing views, etc... Which brings me to the main issue... Often during the rendering process, the head designer will become unsatisfied with the current view he's using and change it. As a result, however, the rest of us are suddenly left with outdated views for our own components which can result in errors and hurried changes that can set us back. The only way to keep updated is for him to save a copy of his current file for us to open, then we have to cut all of our 3d components and lighting, and save it into the copy of his file. considering the large size of some of the files we're c&ping, this can take a lot of time and can even crash Vectorworks in the case of huge files. So, my question is this: Is there any way in Vectorworks to export or otherwise save individual Saved Views from one VW document to another? Needless to say, if there is it'd be a much more time saving process than what we're currently doing. Any help or suggestions you can give would be appreciated.
  3. I appreciate the suggestion, but unfortunately I don't think it'll work. We've tried out references in the past and found that they simply don't work well for what we're doing. At first our renderings are broken up between four people to work on but, for the final product, they're put back together into one document for the Final Quality render (two, if the audience we're rendering is sizeable.) I'm sorry to be so vague, but it would take far too long to get into our full process here. Needless to say, referencing doesn't work well for what we're trying to accomplish. The only thing we need from document to document, before the final components are placed together in one, is the main viewpoint so that we can look to it for object placement, lighting, etc... The main conscern is the afore mentioned audience, which can be enormous in both file size and number of objects. Cutting and pasting that many objects from document to document is troublesome and time consuming. If I could just take the view from the head designer's document, however, I could simply use that to place the audience where it needs to be in the already existing file. I hope that clears up what I'm trying to accomplish a little. Any help any of you can offer is appreciated.
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