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    roof trusses

    Now that i have upgraded to VWA 10.5.1 I downloaded the trusses plug in and placed the files in my VWA>Plugins folder ,,,,, and am wondering how to access them through the VWA program interface?
  2. PS printers are better than non ps printers because of quality. They print with a round pen where non ps printers use a square pen. On diagonal lines, the lines are more accurate and smooth. WIth a non-ps printer, you end up with jagged edges, angled lines, poor color. Katie - You have refreshed my memory on the argument re ps and non ps printers. Unfortunately, I don't know what have doen to get the cp1700ps to start printing 'properly' to my 19x13 paper ...... but whatever it was ..... it worked. If only a person had the time to write down each and very troubleshooting step ...... the software world would be an easier place. :-) Thank you [ 01-17-2004, 01:09 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  3. wonder where i got the notion that a ps printer would be a plus?
  4. Katie In the 'Print' dialog I have a choice of prnters. As hardware goes - I have two printers. An Apple Laserwriter 4/600PS and now the HP CP1700ps. In discussions with HP tech support I had been asked to download the non ps driver for this printer. We (tech support and I) never got around to installing it as a troubleshooting means. Last night I decided to install the non ps driver and 'compare' the output between the ps and non ps drivers. To answer your question, my Print dialog box has three options: 1. The Laserwriter 2. localhost (the ps driver for the CP1700) 3. CP1700 (the non ps driver for the 1700) I guess my real question is - "Why do I want a PS printer"?
  5. Seems in a discussion I had 'somewhere' it was recommended that i use a ps printer with VWA (9.5). So I have finally afforded a large format (13x19) HP printer (cs1700ps) and have had considerable difficulty getting their software RIP to work properly. At this point it seems that OSX's custom paper sizes are out and I can print to only those sizes offered in the File>Page Set Up dialog. Their latest OSX RIP for this printer is a version 2. Through tech support discussions with HP one of their trouble shooting options was to download and try the 'non ps' driver for this printer (ver 2.3.1) Experimenting I find first that the non ps printer produces much better color (closer to what's on sceen), secondly it's faster and thirdly it works with fewer steps in the print process. Any feedback, thoughts, opinions greatly appreciated.
  6. quote: in VWA10 there is a 'Model View Tool' that should help this problem.Robert, would you expound (expand) on "should"? I am not a professional draftsperson/architect by any means but needed a tool (program) that would do 'simple' drawings for me. Simple would equate to being able to draw things no more complicated than a home and in all 'views' necessary. I started with a program called TurboCAD back in 1995/6 and quickly found it to be chocked full of bugs and switched to MiniCAD 7. Have been 'fumbling' along ever since through VW8 and up to VWA 9.5.3. I'm really giving 10 some serious consideration but for the 'thousands' spent already it makes me wonder if it's 'me or the program'? Would love to send you a file to show you how an amatuer works and maybe get some feedback where I'm failing. I read your eBulletins etc as well as view project examples from the Nemetschek website and wonder how such complicated projects get done when I can't even get some simple elevations/sections/models done. Thank you for any consideration.
  7. quote: Originally posted by P Retondo: "Saved Sheets" does not save the 3d orientation of any layer other than the active layer. .......... I'm not sure if this is what your problem is - maybe you could be more specific about exactly what you are experiencing, and what version/platform you are using. You were able to interpret my problem, saving a sheet with multiple views - some being 3d views has driven me nuts. As to my platform and version - it's quaoted below eah of my posts. Thank you. Wonder if VWA 10 handles this any differently?
  8. quote: Originally posted by P Retondo: "Saved Sheets" does not save the 3d orientation of any layer other than the active layer. We wish it did, but it doesn't. So selecting your Saved Sheet will not return you to exactly the view you had when you saved it if it involved other layers being in a 3d view. Those layers will be visible in whatever mode they happen to be in. I'm not sure if this is what your problem is - maybe you could be more specific about exactly what you are experiencing, and what version/platform you are using.
  9. Having a tough time here. I create the necessary layer links for my multiple views and get it all just how I want it and 'save sheet' with the appropriate layers and classes visable. Things similar to this happen to any 'saved sheet'. On another there are two views of a remodel - a before and an after ...... invarably the before shifts on top of the after yet the selection 'dots' are where they belong. Getting the selection dots highlighted and unlocked and moving them ever so slightly will rerender the old view in it's intended position on the sheet. Any time I select the 'basement elevations' saved sheet my elevation and isometric views have reverted to plan views. Any suggestions? Any other info needed for diagnosis? Most aggravating. I went over this with Mathew G (wondering if he still works there) and he asked me to send the file to him for tech to look at - never heard back. That was a couple years (18 months?) ago. Was having the same difficulty with having two elevations of the same building on the same sheet - each time the saved sheet was selected one of the two elevations would overlay the other.
  10. buz

    roof trusses

    will VWA (does VWA) create roof "trusses"
  11. I have two options to install a door a. Palettes>Objects and palettes>Object Browser Editting the Organize>Plug-In only affects those created by the OIP. I have a set of parameters preferred over the defult parameters and have made those changes. I guess the question is kind of two fold..... 1. Why the two 'means' of installing a door (for example) 2. Why would one choose the tool palette method over the OIP method or vice versa. Either allows modification through the OIP but only plug in defaults (Organize>Plug-In) work on the OIP ones. Maybe a three fold question - can the Palettes>Objects door defaults be permanently modified?
  12. Robert - you've rung the bell and I do know that - now that you reminded me. Thank you
  13. Your prompt and accurate reply is much appreciated. Took me a minute to find the command, but there it was under Tool>Utilities>Update objects. Thank you Is this an ok place to ask, what's the 'Update Arch Prefs'. Is it something that I should/should not do?
  14. Robert Knowing I hadn't done a save all afternoon and the auto save pref hadn't been activated ..... it appears VW's did some saving on it's own ....... after a force quit I wasn't nearly as far behind as i thought I would be. I need to talk to your sales folks about VW10.x .... any clues when 11 is coming? [ 12-28-2003, 11:01 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  15. I modified some solids and wanted to 'modify>add solids' and the dreaded spinning beach ball arose ........ it's been spinning for about 45 minutes now and I have about 5 hours of work 'unsaved' ......... is there anything anyone knows of that might bail me out of this? I'm on my knees praying! I know I can do the command/option/escape thing .... but .... there goes all my changes .... and they were not simple changes. PLEASE! [ 12-28-2003, 07:14 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  16. I've opened an old drawing and am revising it and all my door and window parameters in the OIP are greyed out. what do I do ... or what did I do? How do I get the options back to alter these? Thank you
  17. how do I add the object libraries (other than one at a time) to my custom workspace? thank you
  18. buz

    Call Out Tool

    Katie The 'call out' tool I am referring to is actually behind the single line tool next to the text tool.
  19. buz

    Call Out Tool

    The one thats part of the single line tool pop out. How can I cahnge the defaults for this 'tool'. The dot default is highly undesireable as well as some of the other dimensions that go along with it. In the 'Create Plug In' dialog under the Organize menu item doesn't allow for modification of defaults. Please show/tell me how to do this. Thank you.
  20. In the Units prefs under the Page menu item I would like the default radio button to be fractional. Instead it is fractional / Decimal Mix which is useless to me. How do i change the default 'permanently'? Thank you EDIT: I figured it out I believe. Made the change to my template and resaved - seems to be as i want now. Thank you [ 10-04-2003, 06:48 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  21. Jay - maybe you could sell your Mac version outright and turnaround and buy the PC version. Probably still cost a bit in the end but if using Mac's is dead for you then why not?
  22. quote: Originally posted by Kurt Magness: I use a HP 1220 in OSX through a jetdirect print server and it works fine. Kurt - can you bring me up to speed on the 'jetdirect printer server'? What is it? I have the same Mac OS and printer - but am having fits getting 18x12 prints out of the HP 1220
  23. The Show/Snap/Modify Others doesn't seem to be working and am unsure as to why. I recall there are particular parameters for the layers that must be the same (scale, view, etc) which they are, but cannot snap to other showing layers. Any help on this? Edit: I see in a search that SSMO only works in 2d view - so is there hope that this could change in future versions? [ 06-08-2003, 03:45 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  24. ibotmatt - katie, thank you - was quite easy. 8>)
  25. I have mistakenly drawn some cabinet face frames and doors in top plan view when it should have been in front view. Any simple way of changing this?
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