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  1. Robert When I retry, the same window just comes back up - suggesting I either 'Quit' or 'Edit' the code. I'm the only user of my computer and our small network is primarily for printer sharing, the only other computer connected is my wifes and she has no interest in VW. The 'warning' dialog pops up very randomly. It allows me to save my work and then I relaunch VW and continue till it decides there's another 'ghost' user somewhere.
  2. This is the second time now that this dialog box (window) ha shown up and I'm not sure why. It says - "All Serial Numbers In Use" and then 'A VWs license can only be used by one machine at a time. All given serial numbers are in use by other users on the network.' I am the only user on the network and my options are to quit / edit numbers / retry numbers. Quitting and I will loose some work, retrying numbers doesn't satisfy the problem and there's no sense in editting the numbers as it is the only one I have (For VWA and RW). Any ideas how I can convince VWs that I am the only user?
  3. Thank you Seems it was a class turned invisible - thought I had checked through them, but on second look I found it. Thanks again
  4. I'm wanting to revise a drawing, adding/changing walls, but each time I draw a wall it vanishes from the page I'm drawing on. It shows as I draw it but once I click to end it, it vanishes. Any ideas why this would happen? Thank you Buz
  5. Robert essentially I have a set of stairs that NEED to start 'down' beginning 7'6" from an inside corner. At the corner there will be a landing with the stairs making a left hand turn to the finish floor below. The over all finish floor to finish floor is 9' - 3/8". Where the stair turns at the landing I am trying to determine the head height for where the existing floor needs to be cut. I could do this the 'old fashioned' way, but it's a good exercise for me using VW's to pre-determine the point.
  6. I want to create a set of stairs from one floor to another. they will have a landing and will start (at the upper floor) 7' 6" from an inside corner, then turn left at the landing to finish to the lower floor. Seems no matter how I try to create these stairs they never configure to fit my parameters. Any hints? ,,, Thank you.
  7. buz


    Greetings Chris and Robert Wondering where 'volumetric properties' is located on my program? Edit: Chris, did you get my PM with my email address? [ 02-20-2004, 10:18 AM: Message edited by: buz ]
  8. buz


    Robert I don't see a Tools>Volumetric command under the Tools menu item. The closest I see is engineering properties and when I select a portion of my retaining walls (solid additions) and select Tools>Engineering properties .... I get a pop up saying the item I have selected has zero area and cannot be caluclated. Any other hints?
  9. how do you 'make' a dimension parametric?
  10. buz


    seems I used to create various extrudes and 'add solids' and the OIP would give me the total volume of the new object, but I don't see this any more. Have I missed something or perhaps doing it differently? It was nice to automatically get my concrete volumes.
  11. Answering my own question ......... Even though the Create Plug-In dialog was modified the call out consistently defaulted to 'no marker'. I found after selecting the tool and placing the intended call out ......... selecting the settings button on the dialog box allowed me to 'permanently change the arrow style. Seems this may be one for 'engineering'/'programmers' to have a look at and make things a little more straight forward.
  12. For some reason the document was bugged and creating a new document through 'work group referencing' has corrected the default font issue. Still though, I have modified the plug in to default with a hollow arrow. When I select the tool and look at it's prefs, hollow arrow is selected, however after using the tool it defaults back to 'no marker'. Meaning ...... every time I use this tool it requires an extra click to change to the marker style I want. Very annoying. Anyone with a means of making this tool work as expected? [ 01-27-2004, 08:28 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  13. quote: Originally posted by Robert Anderson: Yes. Use the "Create Plug-in" command in the Scripts submenu of the Organize menu. In the dialog that opens, scroll down to the "Callout" entry (not "Callout Tool"). Select it and click the Parameters button. The Parameters dialog will appear; the first item selected on the list (as it happens) will be the Text field. Click the Edit... button and in the Edit Parameter dialog that appears set the default text to what you want. Click OK several times to confirm and exit. Robert I believe there's a bit of misunderstanding here - not sure if it's you or me. Your instructions only allow me to 'change' the default text (verbage) that shows when the tool is selected. This is how I read the "Callout" entry options.
  14. buz

    Clean Sections

    quote: Originally posted by P Retondo: Don't know whether framing in 3d would help your sections, but cavities do not exist in 3d wall objects and do not show up in a section. This is something we'd like to see incorporated as a feature at some point to help us generate framing detail when taking a section. Thanks for that - guess I can add my name to the wish list
  15. I'm wanting to change the 'default' text for this tool but in the 'Create Plugin' dialog it says 'DO NOT EDIT' at the TEXT entry. Is there a way to change the default text for this tool?
  16. buz

    Clean Sections

    When creating a model to create a section from I'm wondering what would help. As it is .... for instance my foors are merely extruded polygons and my walls are not framed and my roofs are not framed. Also am wondering if I should 'venture' in to cavity line type walls? Would it help my sections if I were to 'frame' these layers of my model? Thank you [ 01-21-2004, 09:35 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  17. buz

    Clean Sections

    quote: Originally posted by Robert Anderson: What kinds of objects are these lines? Select one and what kind of object is described in the Info Palette? for the most part they appear to be 3D poly's
  18. After creating a section there are miscellaneous lines that really have no meaning to the section drawing. I have tried using the rectangle tool (among others) to try and 'overwrite' or blank out those lines that are irrelevant, but no matter they always show 'through' whatever I use to cover them. Any hints regarding how to clean up a section? Thank you.
  19. How do I put Detail Markers, Drawing Labels etc into a Section drawing? Every time I select some sort of marker or label and click to place it, the 'section' automatically reverts to plan view.
  20. quote: Originally posted by Katie: The training CDs are not available with OS10. There was sort of a second part to the original post and that was - how 'pertinent' are the VW9 foundation series to VW10? [ 01-19-2004, 11:14 AM: Message edited by: buz ]
  21. I just upgraded from 9.5.3 to 10.5.1. When I upgraded to 9 I also purchased the training CD's - 2 dealing with VW fundamentals and one dealing with VWA specifcally. Upgrading to 10 I got the VWA 10 training CD as well. My question is ...... are the two VW fundamentals CD's I got with 9 still relevant to 10 or are there 'new' VW fundamentals CD's for 10? Edit: Was going to review the fundamental CD's and come to find out they run in 9 (classic) only .......... grrrrrrrrr ..... I don't have classic anymore. Wonder if Nemetscheck wants to send me the fundamentals for OSX? [ 01-18-2004, 12:57 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  22. buz

    PIO Doors

    Just curious. I know how to modify the defaults but I'm curious why Nemetscheck created the jamb face of doors at 4" instead of a more standard 3/4". Edit: How would I go about changing all my door jamb faces to .75 in one operation - rather than individually selecting them and changing them in OIP? [ 01-19-2004, 11:39 AM: Message edited by: buz ]
  23. buz

    Line Tool (etc)

    Sorry to take up the space on the board here - I did finally find it - it is now associated with the 'Text' tool
  24. In VWA 9 the line tool had a pop out set of other tools one of which was a 'call out' marker (I believe that is what it was called). I found it very useful for my purposes and am unable to find it in VWA 10 - anyone know where it went? [ 01-18-2004, 01:44 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  25. buz

    roof trusses

    quote: Originally posted by Robert Anderson: You can create a new palette for them or use the existing VWA Objects palette. Works like a charm - now just a lttle practice. Thanks Robert
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