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  1. Having designed a roof with 'create from walls' and then modified all but one hip to gables. For some reason VWA does not see the final gable properly. Hopefully this is enough info to get a suggestion on how to 'modify', 'edit' or otherwise change the last hip to a gable. The gable in question: It's basically an 'L' shaped house. If you looked at the 'L' laying down with the toe pointing down, at the right and left ends of the horizontal are gables (the right one being the problem) and then the toe of the 'L' is also a gable. TIA
  2. Also I have found sometimes the arrow is behind something sometimes. Just bringing it forward or to front will do the trick.
  3. Is there a way to change the default Rounding>Fractional / Decimal to Rounding>Fractional?
  4. Repeating an 'EDIT' of an earlier post ..... Is there a discussion forum for IC anywhere? TIA
  5. For now, I would like a better 'Kitchen' designer than is offered in VWA. The cut lists (etc) hawked by InteriorCAD sound very intriguing. Thanks for that re the demo limitations. Finally got IC 1.5 installed last night and discovered the size limitation. Still need to do more 'playing' with it to see how sleek it is.
  6. Just me again .... A search here in the VWA forum pulled up an earlier post of mine regarding IC which contained the link to the demo download page. Now I am searching for documentation regarding the limitations of the demo. Can't deem to find it anywhere. Any help anyone? Thank you
  7. Well I must say you folks have set me straight. Yes, my time is billed at considerably more than $30/hr. I have 'applied' for the demo download but as yet have not received their email with instructions for downloading the demo. The only real stumbling block is my better half and I have been putting out considerable sums of $'s lately (on various things) and I know there'll be quite a diplomacy session ahead. For now am just anxious to get the demo. I'm surprised the email response from InteriorCAD is so slow in coming. Would have thought it to be an auto responder type thing. It's been a couple days now since 'asking' for it. Thank you folks (all) EDIT! Is there an InteriorCAD discussion forum somewhere? [ 02-13-2005, 10:32 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  8. Yes, I know of InteriorCAD. Unfortunately I wasn't choosen as a beta tester, they were offered good deals when it finally released. A little spendy for my budget and needs. I wouldn't need it that frequently.
  9. I am considering 'building' kitchen cabinets in VWA. What I mean by that is: Create hybrid objects which would represent carcass materials, face frames, door stiles and rails, door panels, countertop, etc. The idea would be to create one symbol for each component of a typical cabinet and then literally build the cabinets in VWA including necessary mortises, dados, etc and a complete dimensioned cut list. Instead of creating these items as symbols, could they be created as parametrics? Any ideas you may have of things not mentioned please fill me in.
  10. Actually it's a door and yes it's in a wall. I have dragged the door from the wall and the settings are still grayed.
  11. Travis, Yes, the OIP actually says 'door in wall'. I tried dragging the door from the wall and reinserting it, deleting the door and creating a new one, as well as created doors from the 'door' tool and the resource browser. If my memory serves me (I'll have to get back on this) I believe the Resouce door worked ok but the tool door had problems.
  12. In particular, one instance of the 'Use Wall Depth' is greyed and another instance the 'jamb thickness' is greyed. What controls whether or not these options are greyed? TIA
  13. I went back and edited each symbol (2D and 3D) to center in the editing space. It looks as though they are very close - maybe not perfect, Is this the means of synchronizing the two?
  14. Drawing a kitchen and inserted a 36" refrigerator which wanted to be a 33" refer so I edited the symbol in 2D and 3D to be a 33". Now when I view it ... in 2D it's in one place and in 3D it moves a couple inches on the +x axis ... kinda buries into a wall. Any ideas on how to fix this? TIA
  15. Is there some trick to getting the demo download email from these folks? I've submitted their form twice and emailed the sales staff once and no replies?????
  16. Guess I'll have to call InteriorCad regarding the email instructions to download the demo. I submitted the form for this and have not heard back from them. Test driving an application of this caliber is important. Looking forward to a peak at what this app is all about.
  17. I know of InteriorCad and recall it's original release in the not too distant past, if my memory serves me, the cost is quite a bit outside the range I would want to pay. I've started the demo dowload process anyway ... perhaps the demo will convince me to 'pay the piper'. Thank you
  18. Will VWA ever implement a professional grade kitchen planning 'module'? Thank you Buz
  19. No - noy using airport - direct ethernet conections to LAN. The problem seems to have quit ... problem with that is that I don't know why it quit (for future reference). Thanks for all your suggestions and help.
  20. Nope - still popping up and sometimes 'retry numbers' works and others it doesn't. I'm really baffled now. Any other ideas?
  21. Did a 'Find' search of my HD for VW and found another .plist pref for VW in the previous system folder ... so my hopes are up again. As before - I'll let you know. Buz
  22. Did a 'Find' search of my HD for VW and found another .plist pref for VW in the previous system folder ... so my hopes are up again. As before - I'll let you know. Buz
  23. Katie/Robert The problem persists! I had recently did an archive and install without saving user and network prefs. Consequently I had to re-enter my registration number. I thought perhaps I had the problem solved by deleting my VWA prefs from the 'Previous System' folder, which is automatically created by the system install I did. When the window pops up and I retry 3 times ... VW has a preset limit of '3' tries and then quits automatically. I'm really stumped here not to mention a bit aggravated by this pesky issue. Often times, I will be in the middle of some work and stop for lunch or whatever and come back to find the system suspecting there's more than one user at work and has the 'pop up window' staring at me looking for other registration numbers. Any other thoughts? Thank you
  24. Katie I am the ONLY user. I may have solved the problem. Last week I had to do an archive and install of my system which preserves the old system folder and creates a new one. I removed the VW prefs from the 'old' system folder (actually copied them to the new folder) - but now there is only one copy of VW prefs on the computer .... could have been the problem. I'll let you know if the problem persists. Buz
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