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  1. Ion, Thank you. Sounds like once it's used in a doc, then parameters remain as set prior to using it. To reset params, before using it in a doc, set params as wanted. Assuming this applies even if you use it and delete it? Params will remain as set when originally used?
  2. Hello I have been trying to 'customize' this tool and atfer resetting the parameters (for instance: change dimensions from 'as typed' to 'fit to page') I find the tool behaves as originally set. Am I missing a step or is this a bug of sorts.
  3. Thank you both for the good answers. I'll go play with the ideas. I had tried the cut and paste method but was looking for something less 'tedious', it did work though. I assume live sections refer to the way viewports will update as the design layers are changed?
  4. I've been trying to create the four elevations of a kitchen design and coming up empty handed for acceptable results. I have tried using the Viewport tool but my 'bounding' boxes dimensions don't allow for a switch from plan to view to an elevation view without 'cropping a majority of the top or bottom of the elevation. I have also tried using sections but have had seriously flawed results with that. Any help please Buz
  5. islandmon Thanks for your method. A bit of it is 'greek' to me but I think I can figure it out since I'm self taught in VW/VWA anyway. I'll post back if my best efforts don't produce. Thanks again
  6. I have a cut sheet from a window manufacturer showing head, sill and muntin (plan views, no scale). I would like to scan this sheet into VWA and modify it showing installation details. Can anyone give me the one, two, three of doing this ... or is this even possible? TIA Buz [ 07-26-2005, 05:05 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  7. I tried trashing VW prefs and starting over that way but the call out tool still will not behave. Please help.. Opening a new doc and the tool behaves just fine. switching to my current drawing and its a mess. Any ideas Please. Edit #2: I figured it out - sorry for the lapse in memory! [ 04-26-2005, 02:34 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
  8. Not sure what is going on. I opened a new doc and all seemed fine. I went bck and started my drawing over (wasn't that far in to it) and my call out tool is acting strange again. I get 0" for max text width, a dot instead of an open arrow, 1/4" arrow instead of an 1/8 and 25? arrow instead oc 10?. What is causing this?
  9. Thank you Robert. Seemed to work just fine. Why all of a sudden did things go awry with my other document? I have had 'me parameters' set for some time now - and all of a sudden they switched. No bother if the the answer is toooo technical. Thank you anyway
  10. The plug in editor does not seem to work like it did in VWA11. The Call Out parameters are different than the defaults, yet the defaults listed are not the defaults produced when the the call out tool is used. Can any one suggest what i may be doing wrong. Organize>Scripts>VectorScript Plugin Editor>Call Out does not list the parameters as shown when the tool is used.
  11. buz

    Center Mark Tool

    I've drawn both a rectangle and a circle. It works in the circle but not the rectangle. There is 'no' question that it has worked on rectangles in the past. Something is wrong. Edit: Forgive me - seems the crosshair shows when the cursor is at the 'edge' of the rectangle, when clicked at that point it properly poitions the center mark. Thank you P.S. It's hard to keep up with the nuances (sp) of the tools. [ 04-22-2005, 10:07 AM: Message edited by: buz ]
  12. Seems my Center Mark tool has quit working. Selecting it and moving the cursor to the drawing, the cursor remains the standard arrow type selection cursor instead of (I think) the cross hair type center marking cursor. Any help please. TIA
  13. I wish they were expandable like most other windows. Certainly this has been touched on already ... couldn't find it though. Anyone agree / disagree?
  14. buz

    ViewPort Trouble

    Thank you Ray. Not sure what i did, but was able to 'back' out of it with a few 'Command Z's' (undo's). I'll be a bit more careful next time.
  15. buz

    ViewPort Trouble

    Ray - Thank you, but I have nothing selected, the OIP says 'No Selection' so I would think I should be able to exit. Tried a select all and exit but that too produced the dialog of having more than one crop object.
  16. I have a VP in crop mode and am trying to Exit VP Crop Mode. Each time I select the button to exit a dialog pops up saying a VP can only have one crop object. I have made sure nothing is selected and still cannot 'exit'. It appears my only option is to quit VW and unfortunately loose a couple hours work. Not a lot to loose, although I am drawing design options (layout options) for a bathroom which is part of a whole house remodel and like what I have ... worried I won't be able to duplicate it as I have it now. Any ideas/help appreciated.
  17. Travis - I appreciate the pointers - If I follow your preference (and I think I do) it sounds like the logical method. This portion of the project is the simplest, so a good place to familiarize better with viewports. Thanks again.
  18. Kevin - You were right on - thanks. Of course I'm working through a bit of a curve here ..... where will I find info regarding the three options in the edit viewport mode (crop, annotations, design layer) that describes the purpose of each mode. Any idea if it's in the CD Learning Series? Or maybe the manual? Online help. Any pointers (directional to read/study the info) is appreciated.
  19. You are correct Kevin, sounds simple enough, will post back with results - Thank you - didn't expect an answer tonight - so thanks again.
  20. The topic just about says it all. I have made a cropped Viewport of a bathroom floor plan, it is only the exterior walls. I planned to 'finish' the drawing in the Viewport. My design layer 'Main Floor Plan' is 1/8" = 1'. On my Sheet layer 'Bathroom Crop' when I draw in the interior walls they seem to be in real world units (not sure the term here) - essentially the wall width is wider than the bathroom itself. I am using the Wall Tool and have used 'Select Wall Type' to select a 2x4x96" wood stud wall. What am I doing wrong? Wish I had had time to get this on the forum this afternoon when the problem 'cropped' (ha - no pun) up. Could have finished this evening. Oh well. TIA
  21. I have thought about weighing in here and decided 'what the heck'. I imagine a majority of you are serious architects while there may be a few like me who use .5% of the features offered in VWA. My point is I find VWA so exceedingly easy to use it makes me smile. I have used VW since MiniCad7 and since those days probably don't have 1000 hours logged in. I have never taken a class, am barely high school educated and am totally lost on Architectural standards, particularly as they regard project layout, set up etc. The furthest I have managed to take VWA is through 3D modeling and flyovers and walk throughs. Drawing a polygon for a foot print is the toughest part. Automatic slabs, walls, roofs ... not sure what more I could ask for. Actually there are two things - automatic sections and elevations. An OIP to change practically any parameter I want .... after the fact, re-postion with a couple clicks. I designed a kitchen for this lady and took it to her house on my laptop and an hour later with fifty or more changes she was beaming like a new born - that kitchen is as good as in the bank and VWA sold it. When I went from 10 to 11 I didn't upgrade RenderWorks this time as I have never had the time to figure it out .... for some reason it appears/seems/feels very poorly supported. Selecting the RenderWorks palette and I get one little button to play with told me nothing as did the manual (which is where I start). I hope this isn't sounding like a braggart (sp) but I like when I 'have to draw'. Problem is I wear too many hats. Another nice surprise just today, my wide format printer (HP cp1700) came out of storage (we're remodeling ours finally) for a small set of plans to get hard copy for building permits and all I could think about was the tedious frustrations getting it to output exactly as i wanted. Perusing the HP site I found they had released a new driver and plug and play is BACK Yahoooo. Pardon my rambling ... yes there are some things wanting to be improved ... and maybe in time ... keep telling those developer folks what you want/need. (auto sections and elevations) If a little builder like myself can afford to keep up with the updates ... anyone with a need for CAD can as well. Really, what are we talking a few hundred bucks every other year ... maybe.
  22. If it's as simple as having created a viewport and forgotten a class or layer, selecting the viewport and in the OIP you can add in whatever you left out.
  23. FWIW - trial and error will get you going pretty quick if you just hang in there and 'do it'. There are some good tutorial books as well, not to mention the learning cd's that nemetschek puts out. I haven't had a class yet and while I am not an architect, I have found it very easy to use for my needs. Good luck and enjoy.
  24. Looks like the new polygon is going to work, but leads to another question. Now, in the order of accuracy, how do I manipulate the 'new' gable to conform with the sole as it is?
  25. Here's what i have tried so far. (Without success) First I drew a new polygon, added a vertex at the point in the sole wher the gable should begin (beyond mid point of sole) and tried that. Then turned the wall that determined the sole to a guide and redrew it in two segments with the segment determining the gabled portion offset .1 feet. I'll go back and try with more offset, but if I am 'barking up the wrong tree' please let me know. Thanks again Edit: Have now tried a half inch offset to the sole portion determining the gable and still VWA cannot recognize it. I have done this by using the same segmented wall method from above. suppose Ill try it agin this time with a polygon and offset that portion of the poly the same. [ 02-22-2005, 05:10 PM: Message edited by: buz ]
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