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  1. The full installer refuses my serial number. (?)
  2. The title pretty much says it. I've had to put a replacement computer together and part of the process has brought me here. The initial install of VW2009 goes without a hitch, but the SP5 updater fails with the attached notice. I have the original SP5 updater I downloaded 'back when' and a fresh copy from vectorworks.net/support. Neither successfully installs the update. Suspected maybe 'Security Settings' (firewall) but I'm open for business. Any help appreciated.
  3. Mac OSX 10.11.4 and VW/VWA 2009 My VWA 2009 lost it's license somehow, but it wasn't a problem as I had it near at hand. After providing the serial number the program quit. A relaunch and another quit. I tried to reinstall in a new directory (same machine) but the new install also would not launch. I don't know how to proceed.
  4. buz

    Door Hardware

    My experience is - interior doors are typically 1 3/8" and exteriors 1 3/4".
  5. Just wanted to get back to everyone for pitching in their thoughts on this ... all relevant and appreciated. Also, to those who responded as available (via pm and otherwise), sorry I haven't responded and will - seems to be a 'time of year' thing at the moment. Imagining I will follow up soon - after the first of the year. For whatever reason, need to sit on it a minute. Thank you.
  6. I for one just want 'value'. I suppose one's 'credentials' could speak. If someone's resume did not include a substantial history with VWs and include other background in the field - I wouldn't be impressed nor inclined to pay for help. As has been mentioned, there are a number of ways to 'skin a cat', and users of the program will develop and gravitate to ways/workflows not mentioned or covered in 'manuals'.
  7. Hello Pat, Thank you for the insights. I'm sure your pet saying is totally valid - I've seen a number of ways of doing the same thing. As much as I understand that one on one (person to person) would be the preferred environment - I don't believe travel is in my immediate future. I've worked through a number of VW manuals beginning back with 8.5 and while the info is good fundamentally, I'm sure they stop short of good workflows and practice. I'm aware of you, Cipes, gmm18 and Jonathan - have seen a couple other signatures quoting as trainers ... hoping I can work something out somewhere.
  8. I understand that 'saying they offer training' and actually being 'qualified' are different. Therein lies my question about how one goes about choosing someone. Like you, I too have used VW since it's MiniCad days, but unlike you I have used the program only occasionally never grasping a majority of it's functionality. My use has been to develop basic shop drawings or drawings required for building permits for simpler jobs. No doubt I could pick something up from the Quickstart guide, but i would like to consider myself (perhaps) an advanced beginner. It's difficult for me to quantify/qualify my level of experience. I can 'manage' to create 3d drawings and have a basic understanding/knowledge of many of the tools. Prior to VWA 2009 I had not used VW since 11.5.1 - a few years ago. Currently, I am familiarizing with 2009 finding it much 'cleaner' than 11 as well as finding where Nemetschek relocated many of the commands. One area I know I need/want help is with workflows. Also in setting up template files with my own layer and class definitions. Deciding on attributes, understanding and creating styles, working with worksheets, records and databases ... these are among other things not coming to mind readily. Beyond books, I'm wondering if anyone offers training/mentoring/help via phone or pm's. Or do trainers have curriculums developed. At any rate, thank you for the reply.
  9. I have noticed a number of forum members live in my 'region' and offer training. My question is diverse, from - how do you (I) evaluate/select a trainer, to - what does it cost, how is it conducted, would/could training be 'tailored' to my experience and needs? Guessing this is a concise start. Thank you.
  10. Thank you very much. In essence you: - more than answered my question. - confirmed what I 'thought' I knew. I wasn't 'sure' if edge to edge had value in the CAD realm.
  11. Hello Pat and thank you. It appears I stumbled across 'option 1' in the 'meantime' and for me and my purposes think it will be the preferred option. As an aside to this thread, 'a printer that can print edge to edge'? - Does this refer to zero margins? - There are printers that do this? - Is there a reason such a printer would be 'preferred'? (Seems all design printing would print to margins) Thank you for any extra info here.
  12. I'm still relatively steep in the VWs/Arch learning curve. Mean time I have occasion to produce 'small' shop drawings from time to time. I have a HP CP1700 which can handle up to 13x19 paper however there seems to be issues regarding paper sizes. The driver is the latest offered for Mac OS 10.5 by HP. I'm trying to set up Arch B (18x12). In the driver setup, the driver offers Tabloid (11x17), Super B (13x19) and Custom. I have set up a custom size for Arch B and in VW the page appears as if it will take 4 sheets to print one Arch B. There are gray page breaks at bottom and right edges - 5/8 bottom and 3/8 right. I see in Page Setup command there is an option to 'input' values for page size ... as it is set up now those values are Horizontal = 1.0227 and Vertical = 1.0548. I know I could troubleshoot this further with sample prints but hopefully can avoid a majority of the paper waste with a clue or two here. Thank you.
  13. Just talking to myself gets me where I need to go it seems - the answer was as simple as selecting a heavier line weight in the design layer. I don't understand because the same line weight in other sheets printed just fine. In any event - thanks for the space to weed thru the troubleshooting.
  14. One sheet of 5 is particularly affected. There are two VPs on the sheet, both modeling the same design layer. I printed the design layer and it too came out a gray scale. I have set the advanced properties > line weight of the VPs to 1.5. I duplicated a design layer which printed black and white and copied and pasted in place the drawings and still it's printing a gray scale. I have looked at the design layer from every angle and cannot come up with why (?) Still looking for clues.
  15. I'm recently returning to VW - just upgraded 11.5.1 to 2009. I'm printing in house to an HP 1700cp large format inkjet. I've downloaded the most recent Mac OS 10.5 HP driver and all is well, except .... the lines of my drawing are a shade of gray and the dimensioning, call outs and other text is nice and black. All class pen colors are black and vary in dimension from .05 to .25. Those at .05 print darker (blacker) than those at .25. Any clues what may 'fix' this?
  16. Well ...... this is embarrassing!! No idea how I missed that thread not to mention no idea why I didn't bother to 'search' the forum first. Sorry and thank you.
  17. I'm just returning to VWs from a 3 year hiatus. Upgraded 11.5 to 2009 and am perusing basic drawing/modeling practices. So far am very impressed with 2009 intuitiveness, there are so many easily 're-discovered' commands, etc. I found the Model Setup command to be awkward at best. For a practice drawing I set up a 1 basement w/ 2 floors above and had slab layers created. Model Setup default elevations for the Mod Foundation, Mod Slab B1 and Mod Floor B1 were all negative numbers, as you would presume them to be (below grade). Problem is in an elevation VP. Mod Foundation and Mod Slab B1 bottom Z must both be changed from their default negative values to {0} in order to render correctly in the VP. Presuming again, if those two layers each have the same bottom Z value, logically they would render at the same elevation - one 'covering' the other in a front view. That is not the case, they stack properly. Bottom line is I have managed a 'work around' to get my front view VP to look right. Can someone discern my description and issue? Do I presume the Model Setup Command a frivolous front end 'gadget' that requires tweaking of elevations later? Thank you for any insights.
  18. Ray and Bill - thank you - this is what I was looking for. I can imagine the improvements in 2009 vs 11 as well I can imagine somewhat of a 'new' learning curve. Probably worth it. The screen issue boils down to .... I understanding I wouldn't be happy with a 'run of the mill' screen and was visualizing a cinema display, however, I don't know how a cinema display stacks up to the cost of upgrading to 2009 from 11. I will be finding that out shortly. Good food for thought - thank you both.
  19. Hello Pat and others, At the moment my biggest concern is cost (of course) and secondarily, the screen resolution of the MBP has me spoiled. I've seen my options as: 1. Fork out the cash for 2009 and use VW on the MBP 2. Fork out (maybe) less cash and get a better monitor for one of the other G4s and use VW 11.5.1 3. Knuckle under and use what I have ... VW 11.5.1 on a lower rez screen. Just wondering if there are any thoughts on this - kind of a 'personal' type decision - maybe looking for 'food' for thought. Thank you Buz
  20. Oh great - just what I didn't need right now. Well lets see, guess I could migrate back to my MDD that has 10.4.11 or the Sawtooth ... hmmm ... or check the price of upgrading? I realize this is a difficult question but, if I were to upgrade, I wonder if there are any thoughts on which version to upgrade too. I'm not entirely familiar with the version releases since 11. (12, 2008 & 2009 ??)
  21. Hello, My sig should give relevant system and version info. I'm picking this (VWs) up again and have done a fresh install of VWA 11.5.1 onto my MBP. So far so good except the upper ruler has a couple dashed lines running through it - just not crisp and clear. How can I clear this up please?
  22. Thank you both. I see in the Work Space editor under the 'misc keys' tab where constraint keys are ID'd. Deleting those key commands would eliminate the problem, I'm wondering though about down the road if I wanted them back on .... beyond a stashed note or relying on memory .... any suggestions on reseting these particular defaults?
  23. This was one of my thoughts. I'll discover those kb shortcuts and follow your lead, sounds reasonable. Thank you
  24. I have discovered the problem. It still leaves a question, but - oh well. The Constraints palette was put away and 'some how' snap to grid and snap to object were off. So no problem dimensioning now. The question remains how this may have occurred when the palette was put away? I could not have inadvertently switched them off. Guess I may never know.
  25. I have a drawing with a handful of viewports in a handful of sheets. For one of the viewports I am unable to snap to anything. I double click the VP and select annotation mode, then none of the 2D tools will snap to any part of the drawing. I'm wanting to dimension in the VP. The referenced layer is at 1/8" scale and the viewport is at 3/8" scale, but my understanding is that this shouldn't make a difference. There is only one layer being referenced by the VP. The VP is a detail of a floor plan drawing. Thank you
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