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  1. Great machine (mine is identical). I have yet to launch classic at all!! OS X is incredible though!!
  2. How come on the general discussion board I see 6 replies and when I open it there is only 1???
  3. Where are all of the responses that the general discussion board shows? It shows 5 and there is only one listed!!
  4. The way I understand it, you need to first purchase an upgrade to 8.1. The 8.5 upgrade is look for version 8.1 not 8.01.
  5. This definately does help. I will try this and I hope all will be well. Exporting for compatibility to the majority of the CAD world should be easier. I am new to VW and I am thrilled to no end that I can use my Powerbook to complete my designs instead of resorting to the "other" platform. I really appreciate all of the help on this board. Thanks again.
  6. First, I really appreciate the suggestions. I am on a Mac and I will jump through any amount of hoops to avoid changing my platform of choice. Shouldn't VW be paying more attention to compatibility with the ACAD world to compete on an even ground??
  7. I am trying to export to DWG to a blueprint shop to plot my drawings. I am having a couple of problems. 1. The text fields are all over the place and out of whack. 2. They say that it only wants to plot half of the file and that is it. 3. When I view in Adobe Illustrator, I lose all of my class colors. Are there any fixes to these problems? Exporting to DWG is extremely important to the success of my utilization of Vectorworks. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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