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  1. If you figure this out please let me know. I'm trying to draw a golf club iron exactly to spec and running into the same problems. Dave
  2. I drew a nurbs curve and trying to add a vertex point to the nurbs curve through the 3D Reshape tool and can't seem to get it to work. I can subtract a vertex point but can't add one. Need help please Dave
  3. Can't find anything in manual on how to dimension a radiused corner on a 3D solid. Need help Dave
  4. From what I gather regarding classes and layers, they are mainly used for architectural drawings. Is this correct? I am drawing 3D products and would like to use layers and classes to make a particular object not visible so I can see more of the next object I want to draw. Can I do this and then go back to the original object drawn to modify it and have both objects on the same drawing that will print out as one drawing? I can't see how an object can be modified one put into a layer. Dave
  5. I've been using a Mac my whole life until this year. Was using a G4. Then I bought an HP Pavilion zd 8000 and have not had one problem. Not one. I bought the PC version of VW which was like $200.00 to get the PC version since I already had the Mac version. Look at all the people on this tech board having tech problems and see how many are using MAC's. Most of them. If you're going to stay with Mac, do not get an iBook. Dave
  6. Trying to draw 3 connecting lines with each line a certain angle off the end point of last line drawn. Problem is when I draw the third line a certain angle from the second line, the angle of the third line is referenced off the first line drawn instead of the second line drawn. How can I zero out the angle degree in the menu bar so I can start at zero angle from the second line? Example: 1st line horizontal left to right, 2nd line 70 degree angle from end point of first line, 3rd line 87 degree angle off end point of second line.
  7. While drawing an arc, is there a way to see the radius or diameter dimension of the arc while drawing it?
  8. I know this is simple, but I just started working with the software last week. I'm trying to create a piece of metal that is 1/8 x 1/2 x 5 that is rolled up at the end. The rolled up part does not roll completely around. I've been trying to figure out the best way to create this through the extrude method and render without the rolled up part showing as a solid in the middle of the roll up, when rendered. Please help.
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