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  1. 12 hours ago, Jeremy Best said:


    Newer software including operating systems do not necessarily demand more of your hardware than prior versions did

    but it does....otherwise why am i now having to upgrade the memory on my mac to hopefully allow my upgraded VW2020 to run on my upgraded mojave os...

  2. Thanks for the link to fixing safari & firefox for using panoramas locally - didn't come up in my search as its related to web views (but its the same issue) so I've attached the link here to help anyone else (or me in a few years)..

    Quicktime panoramas - makes sense - i probably used it last on an older osX - pre sierra.


    Tamsin - thanks for the quick response.

    Export Panos hack for lines in rendered image - export at highest def and when VW has completed the quick openGL lined pre-image, resave it elsewhere as a copy - good enough for what I need at moment/alternatively overlay image with finalised white card render to improve image lighting..



    Thanks Tamsin - I've emailed the files to uktech...Ive realised Ive had these issues before and I've just always ended up using VW2016 with the Quicktime perspective (but i don't haver that versions anymore.)


    Is no one else having any issues with exporting panoramics with Artistic/lines under MacOS on VW2019 & 2020??!


    Its either not saving the whole 360 image (only the screen view),


    its saving the image with skewed perspective


    or even worse

    the lines all coming from centre of image (using artistic render) see attached - this is under VW 2019 & VW 2020 and I've tried 2 different macs - with same effect.Panorama.thumb.jpg.3bc07be988c7d5bf0bfdc35f418b10e4.jpg

  4. On 10/29/2019 at 10:05 PM, eamon said:

    Hi all


    I have being experiencing a great deal of crashes with VWX 2020. On its own, the programme seems fine but whenever I open an existing show file from an earlier version it tends to have a major stroke and then crashes.



    The crashes have occurred with plans created/modified in vwx2019. The plans are all "simple" geometry and are all venue based drawings with some being Autocad, Vectorworks, PDF hybrids etc. The crash seems to specifically happen when I open the earlier version file in 2020.


    The program will run fine for 5-30mins and then the screen will crash and the fans go into overdrive. At this point, a force re-start is the only option.


    I was teaching a class and the computer crashed at least 3 times in the space of 20mins.


    At the moment, vwx 2020 is unusable for the mixtures of venue files I possess. I have not narrowed it down to a particular file but have found it seems to have across any file edited/created in vwx2019.

    I have a great deal of work on an upcoming tour with older version plans and need to do an updated lighting plan for each. I will have to revert to 2019 to play it safe.


    I am on a macbook pro 2011 c/w SSD & 16 RAM.

    I am currently running  High Sierra. I will upgrade to Mojave but not really wanting till December. Too much work on etc. If Mojave is required to cure this ill, I will take the chance!

    I am on the latest version of VWX 2020 SP1


    Does anyone have any pointers or would this be classified as a bug report?





    I doubt an upgrade to Mojave’s will help, I’ve had to go back to high Sierra to make 2020 useable...beach balling and crashing ..out of memory notifications- update is only going to add more pressure to your MacBook in my opinion..

  5. Im a longterm user in my previous job of 16 years and now work freelance/for myself for the past 2.

    I think VW/Nem should seriously consider moving to Bi-annual major updates...


    Ive just purchased 2019 & free upgrade to 2020.....thought id move up straight away as its the start of a new years work for me (sept)...what a mistake!!

    Dropped back to 10.13 due to Mojave issues with low memory and beach balling, missing walls in viewports, viewports moving glitch....Im seriously angry at the state of this software and ive just paid £3K for this?!! Ive just spent a whole afternoon trying to get a couple of quick and dirty mono 360 panoramics out of a small project and its just not working anymore...


    Anyone that updates before SP4-5 are basically just Beta testing VW - and were paying for this service annually??!

  6. Im having issues where exporting my panoramic as white card render with sketch line added just isn't working, its only rendering the jpg as the current view and not the entire 360 view

    ..also doing the same under artistic renderworks


    And the old QT panoramic just isn't working either, just writes Zero Bytes...

    - so now I have no alternative for lined 3d 360's - spent all afternoon messing with this.. - all i want is a quick and dirty 360 image to show clients options and not having to render in best quality and then convert to B&W..




    saving Panoramics locally - opening 'index.html'  DO NOT open under the following browsers on my osX 10.13.6 - (ive moved back from 10.14 due to VW2020 being too slow and using up all the memory with far too many beachballs.....)





    or Chromium!!



    osX 10.13.6

  7. On 10/4/2019 at 6:55 PM, Taproot said:

    Initially our experience with v.2020 was great - faster then 2019 by far.

    Now we're experiencing a lot of instability in the software and erratic rendering issues.


    This morning, the program crashed when I changed the view from plan to isometric for a very small model. We have the default view for isometric set to openGL (or is it called "metal" now?)




    Should I be collecting these crash reports somewhere?  I very much doubt that Apple cares about the report, but do the VW engineers want a copy?



    In this OpenGL rendering, you'll see that the lower part of the wall disappeared on the left side of the building.  Re-rendering the viewport sometimes will fix this kind of error, but often we need to close the software down and re-open it and then re-render for it to correct.  It happens sporadically in our openGL viewports:  Elevations, perspectives, etc.  The errors our weird and I find that I now have to check each viewport  methodically before publishing a set.  It takes a lot of time and I often feel like I have to get lucky to get all of the viewports correct before publishing a set.


    Related issues:

    • Viewports that are out of date often "jump" to other locations on the sheet / page.  They have to be updated to return to their original placement.  If you continually zoom in and out, the images are correct, but as soon as you stop moving they go wacky.
    • The software often crashes whenever we finish publishing a set - thankfully, the set is complete.  We habitually save before publishing.
    • The software usually crashes whenever we attempt to "Quit."  No biggee - as that was our goal anyway. 




    Here's a few more examples of mis-rendered elevations. 





    I expect that you may want a copy of the file. We can provide you with one if you let us know where to send it.  However, this is happening to most of our files.

    I looked at some older posts with related issues and can confirm that the user origin is the same as the internal origin AND we are not using layer links, only design layer viewports.  Furthermore, there are no design layer viewports employed in the elevation renderings.

    ive had the same issue with missing parts in open gl rendered elevations!!

    and viewports moving together too!!


    VW sort it out - ive just paid 3K for this mess!!



  8. Im trying to add the last revision letter, revision date & issue dates to a worksheet schedule similar to the info you've been discussing, Ive found the following info on a Dutch VW forum which may be of use to others -

    DATABASE = ((R IN ['Drawing Border - Universal']))

    and then the cells:

    Revision information:

    = ('Revision Date'. "Date-1)

    = ('Revision Date'. 'Zone 1')

    = ('Revision Date'. "Approved-1)

    = ('Revision Date'. 'Description-1)


    = ('Issue Date'. 'Number-one')

    = ('Issue Date'. "Date-1)

    = ('Issue Date'. "Note-1)

    = ('Issue Date'. "Approved-1)

    Note that those " 1 "Here always represents the line of the revision or comment.

    Can anyone help me work out what the formula needs to be to get the LAST revision & revision date to work in a drawing issue worksheet? - as this only gives you the first rev or second if you change it to "2" etc..

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