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  1. In this day and age where every client wants bi fold doors In their houses or extensions - why do we stilll not have bi fold doors in Vectorworks??!! So for 2021 - bi fold doors and maybe just sort out the following and I might reconsider my VSS... section open gl rendering issue where it render the elevation in viewport (render elevation view /from behind the section line) artistic rendering styles with lines working As they should in panoramic images without having to do a workaround. vss rendering panoramic lighting correctly now?? dont think it’s too much to be asking for really..
  2. So my vss is up at end of August. im contemplating not renewing from September as there is no way that I will update to 2021 version as soon As its available this year.. I’m just wondering - is there any issue /will it cost me more to rejoin if I chose to rejoin early next year (still within a year of my subscription lapsing?)
  3. Sounds good - but who’s willing to wait the 10 years for this kind of progress...after all we’re still waiting for multi thread use...
  4. Been a Mac guy for 20 years - but use a hackintosh....meaning I can upgrade whatever I like... I don’t take moving to windows lightly...but the fact they so significantly alter the mac os every single year it makes so much more sense - just look at the past experiences with Mac OS updates over past couple of years...they have VW chasing their tales and therefore we get snails pace software improvement..😓
  5. They currently only sell intel macs - of course he’s not going to tell us to wait for Apple soc.....
  6. I would def not spend much (If any) on a new Mac at the moment based on past (PowerPC) experience - no matter what they say- after all, they only sell intel macs at the moment... im planning on sticking with Mojave’s and 2019/2020 until this all blows over (I only work for myself and do small residential work)- but having been the IT guy in a small office as well as an architect - I can already see issues ahead... best option if you need to buy- buy windows pc and stay away from macs until it’s all sorted.!!
  7. I can already see years of pain ahead for myself with VW.... yearly updates to VW have rendered it almost unusable until sp4-5 on each occasion from last few years experience. moving over to Apple soc is going to just give Nem another excuse for not fixing the existing bugs and lack of any forward momentum for this software - which seems to fall further behind each year. Anyone thinking of spending any large amounts of money on a new Mac may want to Seriously consider it before buying an intel cpu at this stage - they say they have new intel range coming in the Apple presentation tonight- but based on the past experience and their jump from PowerPC to intel, I’d be weary of this (what else are they going to say without loosing the next 2.5 years of sales!!) - high end PowerPC’s lasted a few years before the support was dropped (not what you want if you’re spending £6k on a new macPro Tomorrow) they may say intel is here to stay now - and even if it does , how will Vectorworks 2021-22 run if it has to run through Rosetta 2?... might be time to give up the trusted Mac and move to windows unfortunately - at least for the foreseeable future...does VW work any better on windows?....I may just cancel my VSS and stick with Mojave and VW2019 until it’s all sorted....VW? Guess it’s going to be a long wait....(might even start using my VW2020 next year when it working state for professional use..)
  8. In 'advanced properties' for the highlighted section > change 'extents before cut plane' to 'Finite depth' =1 seems to be working as a workaround for anyone having this issue...(so it only shown 1mm of plane behind the view..) but - we should be having to do this!!
  9. why is this issue still not sorted?!!!! The lack of any sense of urgency to sort these issues is just shameful.....ive just wasted an afternoon wondering what was going on with my section - sometimes its fine and redraws correctly, this afternoon it just won't go away....and show extents before cut plane is off/tried on and then off.....you name it I've tried it this afternoon - not impressed... Bifold doors and round window are supposed to be 'behind' the view...
  10. I’ve noticed if I’m using tm20 for a while gpu Fan start speeding up, as soon as I save it quietens down again...tm19 did this strange behaviour too..this is on my hackintosh in OS X, not Ed it in windows10. tm20 seems to perform Much better graphic quality wise over tm19 on OS X on my system. (Now on equal quality settings as under windows10 on same system)
  11. Hi Bob, it’s basically a tower pc - msi motherboard b150m pro-vdh with i7 6700, 24gb ram, 1tb ssd drive and and msi r9 280x 3gb gpu. Running Mojave (have too many non 64bit apps to upgrade). Uses Clover to boot Mac/windows. works perfectly and cost ~£700 and a 24 inch monitor extra Mac keyboard etc easy to upgrade parts and gives me more freedom/choice. everything works, just like a Mac (clover menu on startup gives choice between windows and Mac OS on startup) see here for start - https://www.tonymacx86.com/
  12. “There is a bug in Vectorworks 2020 that it doesn't show a dialog when you try to submit an Animation job with anon-VSS account. This will be fixed in Vectorworks 2021” hahaha- they won’t even Bother to fix it in 2020!!!??
  13. Funny...but it really shouldn’t be the case when you spend £££ for software that shouldn’t even be out of Beta testing before they offer it to us...
  14. Matt panzer- you clearly worked on the plugin- why don’t you just update the plugin and post it here??! Velux clearly aren’t going to pay you anymore for updating it...
  15. Rendering panoramas in VW seems to have big issues currently - or at least for me anyway...spent all morning this week sorting out one of my projects- a job which should have taken me 20 mins.... artistic renders - or any others with lines render wrong.... over-light/exposed renders using vw cloud....( this weeks issue)..... doesn’t surprise me your issue tbh...and nothing seems to get sorted in service packs...... in fact, no one even seems to be interested in sorting them out from Nemtchek on here...
  16. Actually think it has something to do with the Vectorcloud rendering - 4096 renders fine locally, but renders over bright on cloud.... vw2019 render in vectorcloud exact same setting with only saved/rendered locally changed....both pre-render OpenGL render exact same..
  17. exporting perspective as standard white card renderworks - resulting image is incorrect and over bright under Vw2020.. same file exported and rendered under vw2019 - is correct.. Seeing as there's been SP2 - i thought id give VW2020 another chance......what can I say...im still wasting this morning doing something that should have taken me 30 mins.....not impressed see attached images.... vw2019 white card render (correct) vw2020 white card version (incorrect) And i note the art lines is still not sorted under vw 2019....
  18. or this alternative - no background to model - viewport background will be clear, just add image behind of your viewport window (export blank image from sketchup at a decent size that you could use) sketch border.vwx
  19. how about something like this - viewport on page - add some semi transparent layers in white around border, add soft edge in image editor in object info? sketch border.vwx
  20. No, I’m done with 2020....I’m back to using 2019 and ain’t moving till spring....doubt I’ll bother with next years VSS either..
  21. Give it out to students as trial until its at least sp3....then I’ll think about using it.... not wasting my time on any vw apps until it’s been out 6 months from now on....it’s ridiculous to expect paying clients/professionals to do all your dirty work ...
    getting a marionette execution error on changing any of the setting in the object info..vw2019 & 2020. Works when i change units to meters! - great.
  22. How did you get on with oculus go and vw?? Thinking of getting one as a step up from 360 images on iPhone in cardboard....use twinmotion- so interested in that and unity maybe if anyone has any more experience??
  23. Used macs/iMacs for 20 years, so when I started on my own as a self employed architect I def wasn’t going to shell out for an iMac especially now they’re pretty much unfixable/upgradeable with glued screens etc couldn’t stand thought of using windows, so bought a pc and installed OS X on it....hackintosh...best of both worlds, am tempted to have a go at using windows as it would probably perform a little better, but just hate fact that there’s so many updates on windows machines.. Would be interested to see how you get on with windows though? Twinmotion is def quicker under windows with my 280x 3gb gpu- talking moving up from Medium settings up to high settings under windows..
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