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  1. 10 days and still nothing from Vectorworks on the M1 performance...not impressed (its not even 10 days, theyve had the developer model for months now). at this speed @don seidel will have bought a 16bg m1 mini and will be telling us whether it even works with vw2021....
  2. Yes- I keep saying it’s not for me....just wait for M1x..... ...but then keep reconsidering as it’s all looking pretty good- MUST STOP LOOKING AT THEM! just know I’ll have buyers remorse within days of getting one...just like Mark says...🤣🤣 and it doesn’t help when Vectorworks have nothing to say on the matter either....
  3. That method that you e come up with probably gives you more flexibility Alternatively - when adding a window to a roof all you’re doing is adding a symbol (In This case a window) - so in theory if you form a small solid object as a symbol it should work too?.. isnt there also an alternative like ‘dutch hip’ type in roof edge setting eg hip/gable/.options area..which you can use- hard to tell from the photo whether it’s actually a dormer or other
  4. Anyone had any issues with Hidden line taking ages to update a viewport since updating to 2021? Ive had 3 projects where this has happened in last couple of months - and I've just worked out that the culprit seems to be one of the objects in a class the last one being the table and chairs (using the table and chairs tool) on my most recent project - switching off the furniture/fixtures class in viewport or just deleting the table/chairs symbol has aways remedied the issue....(were talking 5mins render reduced back down to 10 seconds.) another projects its not been so easy - its seems to be the none class - deleting everything visible on the layer - and its still making my renders take ages - switch none off and it does hidden line in 5 seconds.... - so not quite sure why its happening..all 3 projects have used an older drawings template on start up. May just start a fresh standard drawing template...
  5. @Learning Vectorworks what’s the spec for the iMac you have? - if it the mid range iMac with Radeon pro 555 then the gpu may be ok for some light 3D modelling (if it’s the base model then it’s intel iris gpu and is not much good for vectorworks- so def time to cut your losses and move on) I’d suggest (like m5d said try an ssd drive to speed up the boot process and stop the wheel) you can purchase a decent sized ssd drive ~£50 for 500gb (ideally needs to be at least same size as whatever amount you’ve used on the internal one so you can fit everything on the drive and allow for some extra breathing space ) buy a thunderbolt/usb3 drive external enclosure (they’re really cheap) - copy the whole drive over to it using the trial version (no need to purchase) ‘carbon copy cloner’- and try booting off the ssd drive by holding down Alt key at boot- see what a difference it makes - may get you through next year or so?? If it’s no better you can still use the drive and enclosure for another Mac/pc so it’s won’t go to waste.
  6. Could maybe do it in Vectorworks coloured with no lines and then just add black outlines in procreate etc on iPad?? I can’t imagine it’s all handrawn as all the shadows look perfect...??
  7. This is no help sorry but I totally fergot about that old truss addon in vectordepot- I’m re downloading it along with the curved insulation tool that I liked to use!
  8. thats looking impressive - so, not seen any benchmarking for the gpu yet - but based on the new gpu being advertised as between 3-5 times faster than last gen intel gpu (so intel iris plus G7) - 3x-5x (so say 4x) that is approx and 5500XT territory - but im assuming it shares memory with the rest of the machine so 16gb for cpu and gpu to share - so, as good as the gpu performance is - the achilles heel of these may be lack of memory for vectorworks.
  9. Have you tried switching off antialiasing in Vectorworks preference settings? - may help till it’s sorted? Surely in a retina screen you don’t need antialiasing on anyhow really for cad...(I don’t have it on on my 1440 monitor with a Vega 56- more from past experience than anything else though) or try reducing resolution for screen (surely 1/2 resolution would be fine - I use 28” at 1440 and that’s more than adequate for me) Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences. Click Displays. Select Scaled, then select any of the four or five scaled resolutions, depending on your Mac model. With scaled resolutions, text and objects can appear larger and more visible, or smaller to provide more space for windows and apps.
  10. If you can wait - that’s probably best (talking from experience from ppc days - Apple may support intel for next 5 years - but other apps tend to fall off pretty quick making updating software a no go) It all depends how much use youre wanting to get out of a intel Mac - if it’s just 2-3 years then current intel may be fine. By which time new Apple silicone may all be settled.(tending to think this isn’t the case if you’re still using 2014 MacBook) (I use a i7 hackintosh with Vega 56 gpu running Catalina, so it’s days are now numbered- self employed architect only doing small projects - so will think about updating in 2-3 years probably to get as much usage as possible out of a Mac/or I will have moved to windows if they give me no decent choice/upgradability at a reasonable price!.)
  11. I’d suggest you wait a couple of week - I’m sure there will be plenty of benchmarks by then - as they’re available from next Week....
  12. An update from the Vectorworks team might be nice...especially seeing as they’ve had a development kit from Apple for months now - they must have some idea of what they’re planning on doing moving forward....eg performance on Apple gpu vs existing amd in Apple systems...tamsin ? @Tamsin Slatter@JuanP
  13. Hi inspectorjack, Read the other existing post on this (can’t be bothered cutting and pasting my view into this post too🤣) -
  14. So, based on Yesterday’s announcement at Apple - as exciting as the new Apple silicone is - I can’t see how this is going to work with vectorworks over next few years....surely even 3-5x better than intel gpu isn’t much to cheer about compared to amd which we use.... also NO egpu supposedly in the new macs - so definitely a no from me even if I was contemplating buying any of their new machines.Apple are Still selling i5, as they’ve only replaced bottom tier cpus so i5 must still be better currently. no egpu could just mean they have no current drivers for the new chips - but who knows with Apple... what does annoy me is - I can see this seriously crippling Vectorworks development on the Mac in my view for next few updates, we’re still at least a year off any useful new ‘power’ macs- are Nemetchek really going to waste anytime overhauling a rendering system (prev talk of integrating Redshift which I’m waiting for) into vectorworks knowing that a whole intel/amd Mac system is going to get dumped within a couple of years?? as much as it pains me to say it - I’m yet another step closer to jumping to windows10.... I need gpu rendering as renderworks is just getting too slow for me as a self employed architect... a decent Twinmotion sync plugin (on the Mac) would likely do the trick for the next few years though until this all gets sorted....
  15. Well, 2021 has updated the door situations but....still no bifold exterior door patterns or greater than 4 panels... only saving grace is they’ve added more panels (more than 4) to the sliding doors...!!!🎉🎉
  16. Do you mind me asking what size and what resolution??
  17. Was just thinking the same, have a 24 inch dell 1440 and find myself always opening and closing palets....was thinking 4K, but worried about everything being too small on a 27 inch......came Accross ultra wides and am thinking it might be the solution. few messages on here about curve vs flat - consensus seems to be curve not really worth the extra cost under 32 inch... ultrawide - it’s just whether 1440 is enough as I’ll gain space down the side of the screen compared to my current monitor which would probably do for just resource palets etc...
  18. You can install from unknown sources still (so far anyhow!), but the issue I have is Downie was installed from developers website - and Apple managed to make it not open at a ‘flick of a switch’ on everyone’s macs - which has made me very uneasy.. https://blog.charliemonroe.net/a-day-without-business/
  19. So, I see the Apple walled garden walls have begun raise into users view recently (fortnight not working on Mac users machines anymore- due to Apples Notarised kill switch) this is the second time I’ve seen this happen in a month - first time was with the app Downy which they ‘mistakenly’ removed the authors dev certificate rendering his apps all useless on al macs overnight! This type of thing has me concerned - I’m not particularly happy with Apple having this much control over what I run on my Mac.....who says they won’t do the same to Twinmotion before this is all finished! 20 year Mac user and don’t think I’ll be moving to Apple silicon at this rate...don’t think Epic are far off the mark with the rotten 1984 apple video... 🍏 😈
  20. More than 4 panels is the issue as they’re usually bigger doors than 4m wide and not always opening with 2 panels each side....
  21. I see no one from Vectorworks has commented on this....but they have read it.... so I’m guessing we’re still going to be waiting around for this one...disappointing yet again 🤨👎
  22. Tried that- but always crashed my Vectorworks when I used it previously...may revisit it when I get a chance...👍🏻
  23. Not quite..🤣 multiple panel exterior glazed doors....see attached image as example...(image just from google..)
  24. Not particularly helpful if you haven’t got the money or the future work to pay for it....👎. at ~£3k per licence and VSS at 600£- I guess the alternative is to just cancel and stick to current vw2020 for next 5 years, by which time you may be able to afford to buy a new license and not be any worse off....?
  25. I had a similar post last week and someone posted this in response My issue is partly same , no new work since March as well as I don’t see Vectorworks solving any of the issues I’ve had with the last few versions, so loathed to pay for a service that I don’t see to be Fixing in VW
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