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  1. Thanks for your help We sent the corrupted files to our software supplier who had a look at them and was finding some strange things within the corrupted VW file (such as what looked like a preference file for a printer). He also commented that perhaps it could be some kind of diectory problem on our server. This is conceivable as we run Mac workstations and have recently bought a new Windows 2003 server. If we needed to recompile the volume directories as you suggested I'm assuming this is something that would need to be done on the server rather than the workstations. Any ideas about what could have caused this or how we could avoid this happening again in the future?
  2. We have recently upgraded to VW12 and have noticed that sometimes files that have been workgroup referenced become replaced with non VW files such as PDF's or excel documents. These workgroup references cannot be edited as a message comes up saying they are non VW files and if you remove them and re-attach the reference then any viewports or saved sheets that have been set up need to be set up again. Whilst so far this has only happened on small projects that only have a few files referenced to one another and can be resolved relatively quickly our office also deals with some very large projects where if all the references were to drop out it could potentially cripple the project. Has anyone else experienced this or can tech support offer any solution? There have been a few issues like this that have been cropping up with VW12 and it is making me wonder whether we upgraded too soon.
  3. Travis, I had a look through the appendices and couldn't see a keyboard shortcut to turn offset duplications on/ off. Im running a 1.8 G5, 1Gb ram on OS10.3.9 with VW12 Arch Aus + RW
  4. Marc Volumetric properties seem to work ok although on more complex solids the centre of mass option gets greyed out. Snap to distance contraint works with either the fraction/percentage or the distance you specify in the options. I found that I could snap to the corners of polygons but not polylines that were in viewports. However if I double clicked the viewport to annotate it I could snap to anything as if I was on the design layer. I currently have a mac mouse so no scroll wheel and I also have found that the dynamic zoom is frustratingly slow. Im running a 1.8 Ghz G5, 1Gb ram on Mac Os 10.3.9 with VW12 Architect Australia. Cheers Richard
  5. Have just realised that by assigning keyboard shortcuts to the zoom tool instead of using 'space + apple' means that you cant interupt a command to zoom and then return to the command.
  6. - Display toggles are still hidden away in preferences - Zoom Line Thickness and Show Other Objects While in Groups should be in the View menu. If you visit www.vectordepot.com/ you can find plug ins that toggle both the zoom line thickness and show objects in groups preferences. You can then add these menu items to your workspace anywhere you like and add keyboard shortcuts to them. Invaluable!
  7. I have found that the offset duplication option in the vectorworks preferences seems to switch itself on randomly. We are currently using VW12 and this has been an issue that I have noticed since VW10. The autosave also used to randomly turn itself off but so far since upgrading to VW12 I havent noticed this, so am hoping it no longer happens. Does anyone else experience this or know of a solution?
  8. Marc We have just upgraded to VW12 and are also experiencing the same frustrations with the zoom tool switching states. I also use the 'space + apple' shortcut to zoom in and 'space + apple + option' to zoom out. I have found that if you select the zoom tool from the palette instead of by using the 'space + apple' key the tool remembers its state so you can work around this problem by assigning new keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and zoom out. However the stardardisation of panning and zooming between VW and Adobe products is missed. Did you find any other solutions? I have also found that sometimes the 2D selection tool toggles the interactive scaling option on and off. I would assume this would be a similar issue of the tool remembering a state from a previous tool but so far havent been able to pinpoint exaactly what it is. Hope this is of some help Richard
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