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  1. It sounds like you have started so I will be brief but if you would like to ask more then e-mail webforge@highway1.com.au 1. Create a new record format. 2. Add new fields to the record & save. 3. Draw an object. 4. Pick the object and from ObjInfo menu, add info. 5. Create a worksheet. 6. In a cell type =('record name'.'field') ie. substitute your own names 7. On the left side of the worksheet is column of numbers. Right click on the line which you are working. 8. Choose Database. 9. The criteria should be: Record, @#$% is present (OK). 10. Recalc if needed. 11. Left click on the line number. 12. Add 'Sum', 'Sort up' or 'Sort down' to the column letter. 13. The end. Continue adding as above as required. Regards Trevor quote: Originally posted by pml: Can anyone write a few paragraphs to help me with the basics of that listed in the subject line? I have gone through the manual and done a litle bit with attaching records, but it would seem that the manual is missing a few key pieces of information. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. When text is center justified and printed at any other scale than 100%, the text is moved to the left when printed. It looks correct on the screen and only moves during printing. I have tested this on several printers with the same results. Is anyone else getting the same thing ?
  3. I have had the same problem before now. My original stationary was produced on MC4 and evolved through the versions of MC. When I had this problem I noted that the colour map of my stationary sheet was different from that of a new sheet. I guessed that Graphsoft had re-mapped the colours and when I produced a new stationary sheet from scratch (importing some things) I found that vertical text appeared correctly. Try this and maybe it will help.
  4. Scott, I am not confusing my processes. I am adding two objects together and getting a result like two objects with their common sides missing which results in the new sides acting like the original objects. I can send you a file if you wish ? ------------------ webforge@highway1.com.au
  5. Shawn, We are using 8.5.1 but but also noticed the problem in 8.0.1b3 Both fields are defined 'Text'. This problem has caused much problem in Manufacturing not getting correct information and Drafting which has to change each object one at a time. Can you help more ? ------------------ webforge@highway1.com.au
  6. After picking more than one object with different widths to each other and changing data in the 'Object Info' box on the line above the width data and pressing enter may change the widths on the next line to the same aswell. (This is just an example and may happen to any fields above each other) How can I change one set of data and not the other without picking each object separately ? ------------------ webforge@highway1.com.au
  7. To print a drawing on a non colour printer means that we have to change 'Document Preferences/Black and white only' option on to print and off to work comfortably with the drawing. Can another option be added to 'Document Preferences' to allow for printing in black & white ? ------------------ webforge@highway1.com.au
  8. When two squares are added together, for example, the result is a rectangle which acts like two squares. i.e. it has multiple centres and corners on each side making it impossible to pick the centre of the resulting side. What is this new object for ? It was not a problem in previous versons. ------------------ webforge@highway1.com.au
  9. It would be nice to have the default "SET PRINT AREA" as one page each time the printer setup is used. Is this possible ? ------------------ webforge@highway1.com.au
  10. Creating more than 40 class numbers stops the list appearing in object info which is the only way to mark an object in MC8 & 8.5. How can I get to use a larger list ? ------------------ webforge@highway1.com.au
  11. Using SetConstrain('Q,B'); the 'Q' activates but the 'B' does not. This is the same for some of the other shortcuts. Is the above format correct ? ------------------ webforge@highway1.com.au
  12. The text that appears on a worksheet pasted onto a drawing is too low and the bottoms of 'g', etc. do not appear. How can it be raised ? Also the lines are too dark/thick. How can they be made thinner ? ------------------ webforge@highway1.com.au


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