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  1. I am more specifically looking to easily change just the selection tool when you go an modify a wall of element, not globally change the cursor size for all programs, any ideas?
  2. Is there a way to make the cursor larger when you want to manipulate a wall or other object? Over 40 eyes are getting tired?
  3. Thank you , I will give it a try!
  4. I am a recent Autocad convert and was wondering if there was a function in Vectorworks that will allow me to select all objects in a class, so I can change them to another class easier?
  5. Planning to get the new Tiger OS and was wondering if anyone was aware of conflicts?
  6. Kevin, Thank you. I am doing my best to change my thinking process...AutoCad really messes with a guy's brain!
  7. Not sure this is an installation prob. I am a recent Autocad convert, I upgraded to 11.5 and can't see the "Sketch" option under the view menu...any suggestions?


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