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  1. Perhaps you should try Version 6? Or maybe going back a little further to a pencil and vellum. That always seems to work no matter what system you are running Seriously though, you need an older OS to run it like Win98.
  2. I have had similar problems. I think if it is at all possible, you should never import an older file up to VW12. Part of the problem may be that objects become an "object in wall". Which is part of another quirky problem I have had with VW. Objects not knowing if they are part of a wall or not. I seem to remember somewhere on this board a way was given to 'extricate' objects - I can't find it now. Maybe someone could post how to do that?
  3. I can't figure it out. Usually when you do an OpenGL rendering you can walk through, and move the model around while seeing the rendering being done in real-time. I have some files that just will not do it. Every time you try to move around in 3D the drawing reverts to wire frame. When you stop moving around, it does a Open GL render. I am sure it is a matter of a setting somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. If I copy the whole drawing and paste it in a new file, everything seems to work fine again - so it is something to do with the document and not global settings for VW12 itself. I would scrap the old file and use the pasted version only if I was 100% sure I had not left some parts behind (which I'm not) So even if you can suggest a sure fire way to bring ALL items and details into a new file I would be grateful. Could it be a VW11 import problem (I think the files giving me the trouble were originally VW11 at some time in the past - not sure.) Any ideas? G5 Quad 2GB running GeForce 7800GT OSX 10.4.7 (same problem on G4 iMac to)
  4. I had this problem before once with a property (survey) label. I now seem to be getting it with a focus point with spotlight. I go to insert a focus, and the label (name of focus) is 16,000 feet across. That is one big font size! If anyone has ANY ideas I would love to hear from them. I can find no way to set a font size preference for either of these. I am not sure if it is a bug, or just an errant setting somewhere that resurfaces from time to time. The only way I could solve it with the survey label was to turn off the label. But I don't have that option for focuses. Help!


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