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  1. A new development. Doing a batch print for a large project I am working on with 5 others. We have over a hundred sheets in various drawings housed on a iMac G5 workstation. It seems the PDF Printer either works or is broken for different drawings. Very strange. Will run disc permissions on the iMac and see whether this solves the problem.
  2. I have had a huge amount of probs printing with VW11.5 and Acrobat Pro 7. I have had a number of problems using normal 'Priint' and 'Batch Print' commands at differing times. 1. No save file dialogue appearing. 2. If this happened, then either; -a PDF was created under a generic name on the desktop -a print file was sent to the PDF Printer, but then the print jobs would stop and I would have to delete them to get the PDF printer going again. (Not that it would be much use in this state) -no print file would be created After reinstalling Acrobat a number of times, finally today it is back up and running. I un-installed Acrobat (using the un-installer in the Acrobat folder). Downloaded the full disc Image updates (not through the auto-update in the app - unfortunatley it was about 180Mb download all up!), restarted, installed Acrobat, and installed the apps. All is going well. In the 'Batch Print' command, a save window now comes up for each sheet. All works dandy. Hope this helps, and I hope you have broadband internet! Cheers
  3. I am having the same problem as Travis. "4) Finally, it seems sometimes that VW takes over the whole computer's resources and grinds a little slower by the minute. I've only had this happen after several hours (more than 4 or 5) of continuous use. Some types of rendering refuse to even try, text changes become excersizes in slow molasses, etc. A general, overal slowing (unlike what you describe). Quitting and re-launching VW doesn't help. Only a system restart fixes this." This has been really annoying me. Is there anything else we can do? Is this a permission problem, or a memory leak problem. I have also had problems when I have gone to export the drawing to VW 10 or on saving it. (where I am contracting only use VW 10.5 so I have to save as VW 11 and export back to 10) Extremely frustrating as the 'Save' / 'Export' commands can sometimes take minutes to come up.
  4. Hi Katie, An idea on the changing preferences problem. (I have had this problem as well) I have found with OS 10 generally ( I use 10.3.9 / VW 10.5.1 ), that apps (including the Finder) will reset their prefs back to their previous session setting if that app hangs during a session. An idea that may be a work around until the problem is fixed is to set your prefs and then quit VW's. Reboot VW's and see if the prefs remain after general CAD-iing and undo-ing. Haven't tested this -but will do. All of those in this thread might test it and see if they have any joy.


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