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  1. I am having the same problem as Travis. "4) Finally, it seems sometimes that VW takes over the whole computer's resources and grinds a little slower by the minute. I've only had this happen after several hours (more than 4 or 5) of continuous use. Some types of rendering refuse to even try, text changes become excersizes in slow molasses, etc. A general, overal slowing (unlike what you describe). Quitting and re-launching VW doesn't help. Only a system restart fixes this." This has been really annoying me. Is there anything else we can do? Is this a permission problem, or a memory leak problem. I have also had problems when I have gone to export the drawing to VW 10 or on saving it. (where I am contracting only use VW 10.5 so I have to save as VW 11 and export back to 10) Extremely frustrating as the 'Save' / 'Export' commands can sometimes take minutes to come up.
  2. Hi Katie, An idea on the changing preferences problem. (I have had this problem as well) I have found with OS 10 generally ( I use 10.3.9 / VW 10.5.1 ), that apps (including the Finder) will reset their prefs back to their previous session setting if that app hangs during a session. An idea that may be a work around until the problem is fixed is to set your prefs and then quit VW's. Reboot VW's and see if the prefs remain after general CAD-iing and undo-ing. Haven't tested this -but will do. All of those in this thread might test it and see if they have any joy.


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