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  1. Vincent, I just checked out your site. Nice work...understated, simple, elegant and warm. Well done. Unfortunately I don't understand Svensk. Cheers.
  2. Well I have been drooling over the new Aston Martin 'One-77'. And at the price (about a million pounds), I couldn't afford to crash it! That said it is a piece of pure engineering artistry! (That, to be honest, probably would spend a bit of time in the workshop). Check it out! This is what design is! http://www.one-77.com/ As far as crashing, I have selected not to include my signature, as I use one thing at work - that has crashed all day, and another at home. Running both OS's via Bootcamp at home, I definitely find VW runs better, on one (not mentioned) variety of OS since it can give Vectorworks more memory, and runs it's PDF abstraction layer natively (that VW relies on), which I find improves pan and zoom redraw times, and makes for a more stable environment. Also I find that OS key shortcuts make getting around said unmentioned OS quicker to navigate for someone like myself who scoots around at speed. Having worked in both environments, I can say in my experience, that I estimate at least a 10%, if not 20% hit in productivity for those not running unmentioned OS. Although, I suspect at least half of this productivity loss has been to do with skimping on hardware budget. Which kind of make the cheaper argument void. Unfortunately things cost money. Then there are other issues that are non-OS, but purely VW idiosyncrasies, like preferences suddenly changing. That said, those have gotten much better in the later releases. So it is all swings and round-a-bout's, but I know what I would choose to get things done. Also I do find it a tad bizarre that architects can get all flustered about thinking that it could be outrageous that a person should pay a premium for an item that has been beautifully designed (on either platform). We charge for our designs, and expect people to pay for our time. If I create something that adds so much value beyond the raw materials, that it greatly improves a persons life, and that people are prepared to pay for, then why not charge. That is brilliant design, versus what is mundane and ordinary, and should be paid a premium for. (As far as my wife's penchant for Louis Vuitton luggage is concerned - that is certainly in the eye of the beholder, as I don't see the value - not that I can afford it). And maybe that is it... It is all in the eye of the beholder. That is why I married my wife, and not someone else. And that is why I choose what I choose. Have we finished this now?
  3. I like Aston Martins. Oh, wait up wrong thread... I mean I like Macs, I mean PC's.....aww whatever!! Just give me something that works!
  4. Thanks guys. It is good to see your drawing set up, as sometimes I think I can make things way too complicated. Although I have to admit, I find drawing anything twice is such a bore, and with Julian Carr's amazing WinDoor tool, it makes drawing elevations (the door and window part) too easy. If I can help it, I draw in 3D, so having the plans next to the elevs on another monitor would be extremely handy, and would improve workflow working on 3D elevs. Also I find workmates (who are not a familiar with VW) have trouble understanding the implications of what is happening in plan and how that relates to the elevs. I tend to trace (in viewport annotations layer) over the 3D hidden line viewport to have the correct line weights and add notes and graphics for presentation. I find this is great way to maintain accuracy, and quickly pick up mistakes. Converting the model into polygons or lines is a nightmare (maybe I am missing something, but I alway end up with a million lines). As well, in multi-storey buildings, section viewports and the stair object are life savers in giving quick up to date info in tight spaces. One more reason I might follow this dual window idea.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Islandmon, I had read some of your posts previously. I was thinking that you were not using the old-school variety of tablet, but actually using the pen the whole time. It sounds like the pen may just have to be used with graphics and 3D apps. I tend to skip around the screen at a hectic pace, using the C, V and Spacebar constantly. I suspect with a pen/tablet I wouldn't be able to keep up with my left hand. Thank you once again for the feedback, I look forward to hearing from others about their CAD hardware input workflow.
  6. Yes, Mike's clues are life savers! The amount of times I have know people to be an inch from throwing the computer out the window, until a little 'Command 5' fixed the problem, and the angst. Also in the layers pull down menu, when turned on, there is an icon next to the layer name. This icon changes for when in a 3D view. You can see what layers are in 'Top/Plan' view versus simply 'Top' or another 3D view. To change it back you need to go to that layer and switch back to 'Top/Plan' view (or you can click the 'Stack Layers' button, switch 'Top/Plan' view to change all of the layers that are on, back to 'Top/Plan' view. Just remember to un-click the 'Stack Layers' buttons because that can cause problems of its own).
  7. I bit of a diversion here, but out of interest, why/how do you use this setup? Of late, I have been thinking that it would be easier with 3D elevations to have a separate workgroup referenced elevations file, using your double drawing display technique, so that I can work on the plans and see the updates to the 3D elevations right away. Is this what you are doing? Cheers.
  8. I have had a similar problem in VW2008. From memory to get around it I turned off one of the layers (in layers button on the info palette). Then I turned it back on again. Also I think I may have used the eyedropper tool to copy the viewport settings then create a new viewport. Sometimes this worked also. Cheers.
  9. Hi all, I was wondering how many users work on tablets for VW? Also has anyone had any experience with the Wacom Intuos 4? I would like to get away from a mouse if I could. I am the point where I am starting to feel it is stifling my creativity. I will be using it for VW, and also for Adobe CS, Final Cut Studio, and (in the not too distant future, I hope) Cinema 4D. I have also been looking at the 3D Space Navigator, but the more I think about it, the Wacom tablet might be a better investment of return for usability, general RSI prevention, and a more natural or pen-like input (Due to the amount of time I spend on a computer, I have found that some days I have almost forgotten how to write the old way - i.e. a pen and paper. I really have to think about how to write...scary!). How does one get around the double clicking on the tablet? With a tablet pen, it seems that it would be even worse for RSI if there wasn't a button that would do a double click, with a single click action. Or is there a way of setting the pen sensitivity to do this? Is the 3D Space Navigator more of a gimmick for VW? I imagine it would be very useful with Cinema 4D, but maybe not all of the other apps I use. And the most important question, does the Wacom tablet play nice with VW? Thank you in advance.
  10. Another article here that explains it clearest I think. http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/06/10/apple-in-parallel-turning-the-pc-world-upside-down/
  11. Yes I had forgotten that Apple had called it 'Grand Central'. I guess it ill be few months before we get any idea of whether they are going to get it to work. I hope it is a little more robust than their Mobile Me rollout. Here is a link I found to Apple's original announcement. http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2008/06/09snowleopard.html Even entry level computers are so fast these days, I hope that the programmers get smart at taking the fat out of their apps so they are screaming fast. I think I had read that in Snow Leopard, app size has been reduced drastically, therefore optimising processor cycles. Maybe our next OS update, will truly feel like a getting a new computer (An often promised, but maybe not quite delivered scenario). Especially if they (Apple) apply this philosophy to their pro apps which will in turn get Adobe and the rest of the competition into overdrive.
  12. I enjoyed that interview! I don't think I have ever had to read any of his posts though! I hope it wasn't Pat who was the on who banned him!
  13. Brudgers Do you have a storm cloud hovering over you!? Just so you know, you are cool enough to have a Mac, but if you don't want one, that is okay as well. Peace out! BTW I don't want to start a flame war What about a great architectural quote? ?Architecture is music in space, as it were a frozen music? Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling Art is a jealous mistress and if a man has a genius for painting, poetry, music, architecture or philosophy, he makes a bad husband and an ill provider." Ralph Waldo Emerson And one of my favourites... "I was planning to go into architecture. But when I arrived, architecture was filled up. Acting was right next to it, so I signed up for acting instead. [On his college registration experience]? G. K. Chesterton In fact I might add one to mine...
  14. Hi all, This may have been covered elsewhere, but after doing a search, I couldn't see if it was. What I want to know is how will VW be affected by Mac OS 10.6? If I have this right, whereas in the past a software maker has to right their apps to work for multi-processors (I know that VW has some legacy code going back a way - hence the lateness to the party on this), and the GPU has just been used for graphics, Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6) intends to use all this power for everyday tasks - I think?! Is that the gist of OpenCL? So even though I have 4 cores in my work machine (that for some reason is slow as a ...not sure, but it is slow), and 2 cores in my iMac (much faster) at home, Vectorworks is only using my GPU's for OpenGL (+Renderworks I thought) rendering, and just one core at a time for Vectorworks. That is a lot of power sitting around doing nothing! I want to know if the turbo-boost that VW deserves will arrive. Not that I am complaining. Cheers.
  15. Well done peoples! We are in good hands. Solid performers for sure. Hi Mike (Mike was who I purchased my first couple of versions of VW from - but now have moved to Julian Carr territory). Hi Pat ( & Dan - To whom I have only recently been introduced to via PodCad podcasts - I know...slow on the uptake) And Jonathon, (Who I do not know but feel a certain kinship with. Kiwi's + Aussies need to stick together). As for the others...I am sure in time our paths will cross. There is a certain comfort in knowing a persons voice. As I read the posts from those whose voice I know, I find myself imagining their voice as I read. Maybe that is just me. Once again, well done
  16. I have mainly found this problem when I have opened up old versions (eg Version 7) or corrupted files. I have found the main way to fix the problem is to workgroup reference the design layers in the file and suck them into a new drawing. The problem with this is that the Sheet Layers, viewports and saved views need to be set up again. That said, it seems like you have found a great solution (much less work). Will give it try should I have any of these issues.
  17. As a byword - Hello Pat Stanford, Thank you for the hint for the above revelation, as it was your post on the Techboard that sorted this issue out, and it was also spurred on to solve the above issue by a back issue of your www.podcad.tv podcasts. Kudos to you and thank you very much!
  18. Sorry people. Blonde moment! What am I saying, I am blonde! Maybe we need an icon in the Sheet Layers window of the OIP above the 'Layer Colours' column so that it says "Hey, I'm here, click on me!" I thought it had been added in 2008! Do you think I could find it?! Thank goodness for the Techboard since I had given up on looking for a months ago. All Help had to say was "Click Colours". But what colours?! It didn't occur to me that the little column apparently doing nothing in the Viewport Layer window was my answer. A humbling experience to be sure. To recap, an added visual cue of an icon at the top of the Layer Colours row would be nice. Maybe this has been added in 2009. Thank you.
  19. It can be time consuming when using the Eyedropper tool on Sheet Layer 3D elevation Viewport (eg. a North Elevation) to have to alter the 3D View back to what it was previously (to eg. South Elevation) If using the 'Other Properties' Viewport Attribute, it will change the 3D view. In summary, I would like to pick up all of the attributes of a 3D viewport without changing the 3D view. Thank you.
  20. This would be great for say floor plans in black, and to quickly make other layers grayed (or any other colour) (like site vegetation for instance). Graying layers in the 'Layer Options' views is not as fine as printing a gray line. Also the layer goes transparent, and solid objects over one another become transparent. This may have been added in 2009. I hope so. Thank you.
  21. Thank you Peter for getting back so soon. Yes setting the floor height manually, I have found the same, but it the ever increasing push towards intelligent objects and sophisticated modeling, I have chosen not to go back! My poor VW app gets pushed to the limit everyday!
  22. Solution Found. After searching through the forums, I found this. I hope this helps. http://www.vectorwiki.org/index.php?title=Fixing_Stairs_with_Upper/Lower_Component_Problems Thank you Charles. Job well Done.
  23. I am having the same trouble with the stairs on the upper layer. Really frustrating! I update one stair on the bottom layer, and the other stair on the upper layer disappears! Has anyone figured a solution to this? Also when I delete one dual layer linked stair, the other layer linked stairs on the same layer are deleted. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  24. Have we mentioned the Heliodon tool!? Sorry to say it to those outside the Great South Land, but from what I can tell Vectorworks Architect Australia and New Zealand is the best version on the planet, due to all of the great plug-ins Julian and his family have created! Also if I email him tech questions he gets back to me within a day without fail. I have no idea where he gets the time to program?! Julian Carr - VW guru and all round good guy!
  25. Hi designflows. Did you sort your issue out? As I have had the same problem with VW 12.5.3 and Vista Ultimate SP1. The only work around is to run VW as an administrator, but then it forgets preferences and I can only open items through the open command (in contrast to double clicking on desktop). Best Regards.


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