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  1. I've had this problem now and then. This is the only work around I've found so far. Find an object that does automatically change from black to white when changing the background. Use the eyedropper tool to pick up the pen color attributes. (Set the eyedropper preferences to only pick up 'pen color') Then drop that pen color on any problem objects. (using the paint can) Hopefully this bug will be fixed.
  2. Vectorworks 2010 with Rendering works. Windows 7. After working with a large file for several weeks, all of a sudden rendering has quit working, including open GL. This is a problem with the file, not VW. Earlier backups of the same file are fine. I've also tried the file on another computer. If anyone has an idea of how to fix this, it would save me from going to a backup file and searching for everything that has changed. The current file is fine in wireframe. All of the information seems to be there. When I render in any mode, its a blank screen although I can still select the "invisible" objects on the screen. Thank God for backups every 10 minutes. At least it minimizes the damage. BTW, the file is a set design for "The Odd Couple". Jim
  3. I've had the disappearing objects problem in an earlier VW. Turns out the objects were there, just not shown. When I cut and pasted from a saved version, I was adding duplicate objects to my drawing. Someone posted this awhile back. Make all classes visible. Save the file and close it. When you open it again, your objects should be there. My hybrid symbols were also converting to 2D symbols, but when I did this process, they were corrected. Jim
  4. Graham: Here is a workflow you asked for, but its not very efficient. And I'm still left with bigger file sizes than I would like. I'm not sure why its so difficult to convert sketchup models to simple solids. 1. In Sketchup, export the sketchup object to dwg. You must have Sketchup pro to do this.(My version of VW doesn't have the "import Sketchup option) 2. Import the dwg to VW. If symbol results, you can convert the symbol to a group. (remember to select the option 'convert all supgroups') 3. You now have a zillion 3d polys. Select some of the polys and "convert to mesh". (You may have to open up a group to select the 3d polys.) 4. Then select "convert to Nurbs". Ungroup the nurbs after the conversion. 5. Then in the 3d power pack, select "stitch and trim". This creates a solid. I sometimes get a Runtime error if I try to stitch and trim too many nurbs. You can stitch and trim smaller groups of nurbs and add the solids together after the conversion. Then convert the resulting "solid addition" to a generic solid. So to recap: 1. Convert to Mesh 2. Convert to Nurbs. 3. Ungroup 4. Stitch and Trim. Sometimes the geometry refuses to cooperate and you may have to give up on that object. Please, anyone, give me some tips on this process! Jim
  5. In your drop down rendering menu, select Open GL options. Here you can select the amount of detail (and smoothness) in Open GL. You will also find the options for other rendering modes. Jim
  6. I create a custom working plane. I select "look at working plane". When I select a front view in the drop down menu, I get a nice straight-on front view, but the view menu says "bottom". Why is this? The same thing happens when I select left or right views. I get the view I want, but the view menu says "Bottom". When I switch to Top or Top/Plan, my working plane is no longer parallel to the screen plane. This is annoying since it is much easier to draw when the X axis is parallel to the screen plane. One other bug. I can't select working planes using the working plane palette. They don't seem to work. But if I select the working plane using the drop down menu, they work fine except for the problems previously mentioned. VW 2010 with Renderworks. Jim
  7. Did you ever get this resolved? I just started VW 2010 and I have the same problem. It's not terrible but it does give me a headache. The movement of the mouse and scroll bars are not quite smooth. I tried turning off every visual cue but it hasn't helped. I go back to VW 11.5 and everything is fine.
  8. Why are people so helpful? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
  9. I exported an object from 3dmax as a dxf file. I then imported it into VW12. The object is actually 3334 3d polygons. How can I simplify this into one generic solid. As is, it seems to slow things down a lot. I've tried everything. Well, obviously not everything or I wouldn't be posting. Thanks.
  10. Thanks. It took a while for it to sink in, that a layer link is an object. Select the object, unlock it, and delete it. Much, much appreciated.
  11. I'm using VW 12 Fundamentals with Renderworks. I'm stumped. Thanks.
  12. oh okay. I used to have Renderworks but didn't get it with my upgrade. Well you saved me lots of time on this. Thanks.
  13. I have an image fill for a 3d object but it doesn't show up in any of the standard views. I can see it in the attributes palette when I select the object but in the workspace, the object is grey. This one is driving me nuts!
  14. My designer drafts on a Mac VW 10 and when he emails the files to me, I cannot import them on my PC. He has to export them as .dwg files and I then I can import them into VW 11. Please help eliminate this step!
  15. Thanks for all the quick responses! It still won't open using all the suggestions. It must have gotten corrupted somehow. The file is a VW 11 Mac file. I'm trying to open it with VW 11.5 PC. The message says: This is an unrecognized file. It may be a VectorWorks file created by a newer version of the application, it may be a very old MiniCAD file, it may have been created by another application, or it may have been corrupted by a hardware or system error.
  16. A designer is sending me VW 11 files from his MAC. How do I open them on a PC? Does he have to export them as .dwg files? THANKS
  17. I finally got it to work. I updated Java!
  18. Lowering security settings didn't help. Any other ideas?
  19. When trying to access the Users Guide online in VW 11.5, the page loads but no text is visible in the left pane. I'm using IE v.6 At first a warning comes up about active content and I click to allow active content.
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