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  1. basic tools palette - the red button to close the palette is right above where I have the pointer tool - so endlessly accidentally closing this palette and having to re-open it. (long running irritation)

    Would be helpful if palettes could be locked in desired position.

    Also having trouble with VW forgetting docked palette locations (despite having been saved to workspace) - requiring me to manually dock them all over and over again.

  2. Desperately need an option to get rid of the ridiculous / endless file renaming. Every time I upgrade VW I either have to waste time renaming / saving hundreds of files or end up with folders full of files with endless / repetitive versions strung on the end every time I open one. PLEASE SORT THIS OUT... (or point me in the right direction if this option already exists - I can't find it).

  3. Can anyone advise me. I am curently upgrading to Vectorworks 11 and from PC back to Mac.

    I am looking at both the 17" and 15" 1.67GHz powerbooks upgraded to 1Gb Ram. I am presuming these will both handle VW wel (predominantly 2D).

    My query is in regard to screen real estate. Is the 15" sufficient space to work comfortably? I am a little worried about the portability of the 17" monster.......

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