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  1. Following up on my recent post (2 below on main rendering list) I hav resolved my problems on my new G4 500, I deleted QuickTime 4.5 (? I think) well the quick time that shipped with it and replaced it with QuickTime 4.02 also replacing the older QuickDraw extensions, now I am rfendering quicker and without that dreadfull delay I mentioned, ....bliss! Thanks for the help.
  2. Will try de-installing the new quicktime this evening and installing the older version 4 quicktime in its place. Do I need to do the same with QuickDraw? If anyone has a list of the Quick..... files that are used by VW and RW I'd really appreciate it being posted here? Anyone else expeiriencing it on a G4 500, if not what quick time do you use?
  3. Hi guys - First I hate doing this as I ain't a critic. I'd love to see an addition to the VW preferences for metric so as every new page opened is in European Metric as opposed to US Imperial, thats all, great software love it a lot!
  4. VW ram allocation is the same Mike, not sure about the Quick time allocation, which quick time component do I check for ram allocation? ie. quick time player, etc. I actually tried to check ram allocation in all quick time files and I don't get a memory option? Thanks for the reply by the way Mike, any more help is appreciated....
  5. I use a G4 400 (329MB Ram) here in the office, with VW & RW 8.5.2 and Mac OS 9.0.4 and Quicktime 4.01, I just got a G4 500 (512MB Ram) for home use with the exact same software as above except for maybe a newer Quicktime. My question, anyone know why when using the renderworks tool on the same drawing on the faster home computer there is an approximate 2 /3 minute delay between end of geometry count and start of render 0 - 100% count? This is freaking me out a little! because if the window I draw around my persepective cuts a little bit out by accident, i have to wait 3 minutes before I can use the cancel (command &.) option to retry drawing a correct window. Mike P. I'm sure with your massive knowledge you can answer this one! Well I hope so, all replies welcome. Denis


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