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  1. Thanks for the input. The first 5 treads of the stair are no problem because thats just a simple extruded polygon, it's when the stairs start to turn and then turn back on themselfs that gives me a problem (with regard to the underside beind smooth) Would you use different working planes to subtract from different angles on each step and just hope they all match up exactly when rendered? Im sure there must be an easier way. Islandmon - i'm not that proficent at NURBS but had an idea it might be the way to go. Would each step be a group of nurbs then? And would i use the 3d reshapetool to bring the inner edges down to meet and form a smooth underside? Thanks again for the help. I'll experiment with all this a bit later
  2. Can anyone help me figure this out? Im creating a staircase for a client in 3d, its straight for about 6 risers, then it curves around and eventually comes back on itself. The staircase is going to be only 500mm (ish) thick the whole way up so that if you stand to the side of it you can see a smooth underside running from the top to the bottom. Im well stuck on how to do this in 3D. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! Chalk
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