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  1. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=177303#Post177303 This is becoming a little ridiculous. I've stopped recommending VW to mac users...
  2. How about designing a file format that doesn't have to be re-written every year? If BIM objects have parametric features that can't be read by v2012, they are ignored and simply opened as 2D & 3D geometry. This doesn't have to be an inch-by-inch progression of features and file formats. In my scenario we are dealing exclusively with 2d geometry, references, and symbols. Please don't tell me that stuff is perpetually being refined to the point of "breaking" with each version of VW...
  3. Thanks for responses, not the flame war I was expecting, but one can hope. My point is that the file compatibility is an artificial one, created in order to keep people in the upgrade pattern. And the freelancer I work with can no longer work in 2012... his license is for 2013 only. So exporting is the only option.
  4. Thanks for submitting it Peter. Why doesn't someone from NM confirm this and state that it will be patched within XX amount of time? SP6 for 2012? I love working with symbols referenced throughout my drawing set, so for me this is a massive bug. Yes, I'm being a whinny bitch and want this fixed yesterday... I don't think it should be present in a $2000 piece of drafting software. Good luck in fighting Autodesk Revit in the Mac market.
  5. Hi Peter, yes that makes sense, but the project is constant progress so we're opening and saving all the time. One thing that makes very little sense is how quickly VW breaks format compatibility. As a courtesy NMK could at least allow VW 2013 to save natively in 2012. Just one year back compatibility would be a minimum. Seriously, what other software out there breaks file format every year? Furthermore, I doubt the mirrored symbol bug will be addressed in 2012, as they have already moved on with a new version. The upgrade cycle is frustrating and I think the market is ripe for a SketchUp-like innovator to enter the drafting world.
  6. Thanks for whitewashing my ing ing post Nemetshek.
  7. I'm collaborating with a freelance architect on a project. He just upgraded to 2013, I'm still on 2012 (bought in July). We're using VW solely for drafting. No half ass BIM, no 3d modeling, no specialized geometry. Our entire workflow is broken, his 2013 files won't open in my 2012 What has changed so much in 2013? And why won't VW make a 2012 Sp5 compatible with the "new" file format? Just one year and everything breaks? Yes, that's how they force people to pay, it's standard policy in the software industry, but this ridiculous. Pick a file format, amend to it, but keep it consistent for 5 years.
  8. I have not filed a bug, was hoping to find confirmation from others. This bug is a clear sign of how little attention is paid to the drafting side of VW.
  9. Nemetschek? Anyone? Groups aren't affected by this.
  10. 1) Create a symbol 2) In VW preferences allow for "Show other objects while editing" 3) Mirror the symbol 4) Edit the symbol The mirrored symbol no longer shows other objects. Very frustrating.
  11. Right, so something that could be automatically resolved by VW, "Do you want to append the conflicting name?" has to be done manually. How long does that take? Furthermore "Door" is a symbol built into VW.
  12. I'm trying to paste a wall with a door for a detail drawings. I'm just drafting, and I get this obtuse error. The only phrase that comes to mind is "WTF?"
  13. I just joined the VW 2012 Architect wagon and I have been incredibly frustrated by 1) Clunkier interface 2) Utter confusion with the Screen, Layer, and 3D plane system 3) Lack of improvements for drafting 4) Slow slow slow on latest Mac Intel i7 hardware. Sketchup is a perfect example of how make things simpler.
  14. I second this... after using Adobe Illustrator it's very hard to use the VW pop up dialogue. A ton of basic 2d tools haven't been updated and work in this clunky manner.
  15. Editing a group and seeing everything else greyed is not a problem. Is it possible to see context for Symbol editing?
  16. Select all polygons. In the OIP set the Plane pulldown to Layer The OIP doesn't allow that if just one of those polys exist on the 3d Plane. Why?
  17. There appear to be 3 different 'planes' you can draft on 1) Screen 2) Layer 3) 3d I drew some polygons that I'm trying to intersect but I get a warning saying they are out of plane. I have no idea how that happened. - How do I get ALL 2d polygons onto the same plane? - Why can't I use Obj. Info to send everything to the layer plane? - Why is drafting more complicated than it used to be?
  18. I have a 24x36 drawing set... and I need to print the whole thing on 12x18. Is there a batch operation I can do on all my files?
  19. This feels like running around the block to get to the front door. Aren't symbols automatically accessible once the parent file is referenced? Where do I reference symbols? Thanks
  20. 1. Reference in a file using "Layer Import" 2. Create a new Sheet Layer 3. Create a new Viewport, select Source. 4. Get the VW prompt saying "Switch to viewport style referencing?" 5. Click OK, pick the file you originally referenced BUG: 6. No referenced layers will be available for the Viewport 7. Finish making the Viewport and nothing shows up. ------- BUG 1. Switch back to "Layer Import" mode in References, and nothing show up in the Layers. I am incredibly frustrated with this as I just got my firm to buy me the latest edition of Architect. Am I doing something wrong?
  21. 1) I'm referencing in a file with my title block. The title block is a symbol 2) I place a Sheet Border 3) I look for the title block symbol using "Title Block..." but the referenced symbol is not visible in the list This has become confusing...I can't even create a viewport of the referenced file on my sheet! Why isn't the referenced file available to the Viewport created on a Sheet Layer?
  22. 1) Copy geometry from Design Layer to Sheet Layer 2) You can still scale the geometry but you can't move it around. It still accepts global X & Y positions. Is this a bug, and if not how do I get to move copied geometry around?
  23. 1) I've created my drawing and placed a viewport on a new sheet 2) I go to reference in my Title Block and I can't get access to the referenced layer in the dialogue box. The only layers I can turn On/Off are belong to the file I'm in. What's the best procedure for referencing geometry and title resources in 2012? Thanks!
  24. I just got my company to buy me the latest Vectorworks 2012 Architect. I go to come some resources I made using 2009 student edition during Masters and I get a notification saying that copying geometry into 2012 will watermark my entire file. What!?! Has Nemetscheke become that paranoid? I go to open another resource file that I downloaded ages ago and it refuses to open because apparently it was made with a pirated copy of VW. Ok, I guess I have to take VW's word for it? Guilty until proven innocent? What's next, USB dongles for running your software? Consider the market penetration and succes of AutoCAD, Adobe CS, Sketchup, 3dsMAX.... ever consider why they've penetrated their markets so well? It's not because they're better but because they're easy to obtain and crack. AutoCAD is probably is one the clunkiest pieces of software I have ever used, but it is also one of the easiest to obtain. Every single student in my graduating class used AutoCAD because everyone could get it. Only a handful used Vectorworks, even though most were on Macintoshes... I don't understand the reasoning behind these VW 2012 draconian policies. The watermarking of EDU files copied is simply annoying. For now I'm exporting to DWG and importing back. Nemetschek, please relax your obtuse policies.
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