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  1. Please give me a hint how to do the above. I did check the "Help" and knowledge base but honestly anytime I look there it seems it never leads me to the actual thing I am asking for.. ever. I can see once or twice but its all the time. thanks for any help...I feel I once understood this but cannot get it work even after importing the image. Scarth VW 12.5 Mac OSX
  2. big thanks jim..a video is just what I need and a good class on this even more!
  3. I know there is no such thing but I need to make a sink basin subtraction and only see hemispheres. Thanks! Mac OSX 10.6.8 VW12.5
  4. no its a Kohler bathtub symbol..I go in it and its a group. If I scale it down it looks that way on plan but not in 3d. I remember a 3-d edit tool. I failed to say I have Architect Renderworks and Designer on this version..maybe I am in the wrong workspace?
  5. how does one resize a tub (for example) to make it be scaled to a size even when shown in 3-d? works great in plan but not when modeled..? scarth construction VM12.5 mac osx 10.6.8
  6. I need a 5' egg shape tub. I just want to make it a simple 3-d shape. I assume I cannot re-shape a hemisphere. Any ideas? The ones I have are all too big. and I cannot edit them in 3d thanks VW 12.5 architect, renderworks Mac OSX 10.5.8
  7. Thanks Jim. I did use that but the guy hated the sky I have. So I have added an image. Can you give me a hint how to move it? I see how to resize it..or need I move the model in front of it? thx!
  8. my client wants a more realistic sky with less clouds (roll eyes) on his model. I have photos I could use but putting in a bitmap covers the model and will not go to the "back"( I was using a background that came with VW) Please advise and please know I am working in VW 12.5 but do have Rendorworks and Architect installed. Huge thanks for any suggestions...this always happens when the dead line time gets lean! Scarth construction
  9. thanks Tim i work in 12.5 still but will save for when I move up
  10. thank you Jim. i'll get in there and try to figure out how to add a disp. map and if that sucks my time too long I'll make boards (yuck) m
  11. I am trying to get some depth out of the siding texture so I can see the shadow lines of the boards..please advise with any tips how to do this with light or (this kind of scares me) editing the actual texture. thanks m VW 12.5.2 Mac book pro
  12. I am away from my office and (and unfortunately my VW install disks) and cannot start up VW 12 on my PC..keep getting an error message from microsoft. Talked to tech support who told me to reinstall after: trying to start in safe mode (unsuccessfully), removing preferences, and finally downloading Quicktime 7.3, (I had a newer version and also vw 12.5 which I guess is trouble). I was wondering if theres any other tricks I could try. It was working famously all along. Thanks michelle XP VW 12.5
  13. what a great idea to print to file! please tell me about the pdf 995 software. do you send to it like a "print to file" and it creates a pdf. Thnkas a million!
  14. I live in the sticks wihtout a plotter in my office and to plot large is impossible unless I load the VW software on my local printer's hard-drive. (who plots large items form Auto-cad) Or is it? I would love to make a PDF with a true scale and send it to my local guy for printing. Is this possible? I do not see it offered as an export option. I have used JPEGS when desperate but could not control the scale. Thank you! Michelle xp and vw 12.01
  15. I am trying to print and having problems with one of my drawings. Using "PAGE Set up" the gray box seen on drawing does not change to lets say "portrait" when I change it in dialogue box of Page setup (it remains landscape) or does not change the extents when I change the percentage (size appears the same). It has always worked fine in the past and is happening in just one drawing. With this new problem it will print as I ask it to but its a crap shoot as I never know exactly what the perimeter is. I was told by phone tech support to upgrade to 12.5 but fear, (as I am in the final hellish deadline days of this project), I will create more problems for myself. I use XP, VW 12
  16. I should tell you I am on windows XP and work in V12. It also worked famously in the past
  17. The gray box does not change to lets say "portrait" when I ask it to (remains landscape) or does not change the extents when I change the percentage. This is all in Page set-up. It will print as I ask it to but its a crap shoot as I never know exactly what the perimeter is. Thanks for your reply
  18. at times usually the worst, my setup refuses to show itself as it truly is. Wheres the bug? I've tried changing it to a different printer or shutting down and starting back up..it works properly for awhile then will not show how it changes (with the gray box wrong size) A million thanks..
  19. I've never been able to get that to work right thanks for the tip
  20. if this is the current behavior you have just given me another reason to fear the upgrade...yuck!
  21. problem: i just create a window with classes, properties (thin jambs etc) and I want other windows to match it without having to change each differing one. Is there a tool like in Auto-cadd that matches properties? Thanks
  22. dell inspiron laptop, XP, vw 10.5
  23. Thanks to all of you who responded. I absoultely need portabilty in my computer as I am not in the same place enough and can't buy desktops for all those locations. My currently busy state makes me fear radical switching at this point so will go for another PC.
  24. I have used vw for 4 years on a pc xp system, I now have 10,5 and after hearing all your comments have decided I am tooo busy to go to 11.5. I also am on the verge of buying a new computer and laptop, whic is the most used computer for me. I am a design-builder using model with renderworks most of the time for my client presentation/communication should I just switch to high powered mac? Dare I upgrade to 11.5? I am so busy i can barely manage my workload. and I'm not the most patient nor the "sharpest tool in the shed' when learning a new system (though I do have mac experience for graphics) I have no need for a PC except for the rare consultant that must have an Auto-cadd drawing (which is not convoluted by the transition) please help. Thanks Michelle
  25. sorry a bit tired (no sleep 3 days) yes its on open GL and all that comes up is black as in total night (arggghh!) I thought this was the mode to use to move about for a client presentation with color! ok so I resorted to using pretty little jpegs but how can you use this mode? I am using xp operating system vw 10.5 a million thanks michelle


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