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  1. Is it a glitch that the opacity of a class does not get updated in a dlvp when only the class opacity in file being x-ref'd get changed? I found that it would only update if lineweight or color is being changed in conjunction with the opacity. Any ideas? Thnx in advanced!
  2. [The layer "NNA#8#2_Mod-Unit-22-2" in the active document is not from the referenced document "Level 3.vwx". You must rename this layer before a layer with the same name can be referenced.] I have a building plan containing referenced unit plans. I then referenced the entire building plan on a new file to create misc sheets. The new file does not contain any other layers except the layer containing the dlvp. And only the unit plan viewport that is named "Mod-Unit-22-2" from the original unit plan can't be brought in. The problem is solved temporarily if I deleted the dlvp and re-referenced it in, but same thing will happen again when I reopen the file. Any ideas what's going on here? help.
  3. gmm18, Thanks for your reply. I was hoping to generate my hardware schedule by specifying the hardware in the door data "Include Hardware". It sounds like I either have to input hardware sets in the User Field for all doors, or skip the sliders. I wonder what's the reason for VW to disable "include hardware" for sliders.
  4. Jonathan, Thanks for the tip. This is the first time I'm using Script Editor. I was able to modify the "Alternate names" but any change to the 'Default' values, e.g. ID Prefix "W" (we usually use prefix B for windows), or Egress Compliant "FALSE" (I wanted it to say NONE instead) doesn't seem to do anything.
  5. Judah, Can this be done with the Windows too? I can't seem to find a corresponding xml for window preferences. Also, how can we set up a workgroup folder? or can you direct me to tutorial that explains that? Thanks!
  6. It works the same way in VW 2009. What happens when you dbl click at the viewport & select the "open referenced file" option? Does it give you any message?
  7. I found a couple VW2009 glitches that I would like to share: In VW 2009, the opacity of lines and solids can be adjusted. However, I noticed recently that it is not compatible with Adobe PDF 8.0 printer, (which converts .vwx to .pdf document). The lines/solids with less than 100% opacity will be rasterize in the pdf. Export to pdf solve the problem, but we were told by our printing guy that printing to pdf will result in more accurate printing from large scale plotter. Sometimes, when clicking into a group or symbol to edit, surrounding objects will not show even if display setting is on to show other objects while in editing mode. This happens randomly and usually a second try will solve the problem, or a change of view, or saving the file. If anyone has insight to these glitches, please share. Thanks!
  8. I realized VW won't allow me to specify hardware for slider. Is there a way to distinguish between interior closet slider vs. an exterior glass slider? I have used "slider" for both cases, and now realizing I can't specify hardware even for my closet "slider". Any suggestions as to how to get around this problem will be greatly appreciated!
  9. Michaelk, So far it has only been walls. Any clue what's causing it?
  10. Help! Anybody out there with an explanation why my walls would suddenly rotate out of square in plans? It had happened to random walls, rotating out of their places at varying degrees, when no one has touched the files?
  11. I'm running into lack of control of classes and lineweight when viewports are twice x-ref'ed. I'm wondering if anyone out there as a good solution around this problem or if VW will fix this in their future update?
  12. I had that same thing happened many times. Restarting the server seems to "unlock" the stuck files for me. OS 10.5.7 Vectorworks 2009 SP4
  13. Hi, Has anyone ever encounter printing blank from a sheet layer or design layer? I would create viewport on a sheet layer but it would print blank if the whole drawing is uncropped. On design layer, I have the same problem when I try to print a portion of a large plan in design layer. Any insights as to why that is? VW 2009 SP4 MAC OSX 10.5.7
  14. I'm working on a multi-family condo. I have unit plans 'multi dlvp'ed' onto each floor plan. What's the best way to generate door and window schedules? It seems that schedules can only reside in the file that contains the original PIO's (i.e. not in dlvp), is that accurate? Can someone point me to a tutorial about creating and manipulating schedules, if any exists. Thanks in advance! VW2009 SP4 OS X 10.5.7
  15. I was hoping it may not be the server's problem. I guess no such luck. Files are never moved around and we have had that happened on almost every workstation, having to 're-link' broken references each time. Very annoying. Thanks IanH!
  16. IanH, I do save it after re-linking with all the references, and then after it has been closed for a while, it will happen again when I reopen it. All my references are "absolute" and all files reside in office server. Thanks for your help.
  17. Every time I open a file, it will require me to "manually locate the broken reference" even though the reference files have not been moved. What would be the reason for this and can anything be done to rectify this? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! VW 2009 Architect MAC OS X 10.5.7
  18. Can someone direct me to where I can get some pointers to use the worksheet and its formulas for something as simple as counting number of symbols or viewports in a drawing. Thanks a bunch! VW 2009 Mac OX 10.5.6
  19. genie


    Is there a way to draw corner window with the window tool? Vectorworks 2009
  20. I'm trying to export a file that has drawings composed of several "design layer viewports". Site Plan, Building Footprints and Unit Plans are all drawn in separate files and brought together in one file through design layer viewports. I can't seem to export the file as ONE dwg file. Each design layer viewport is simultaneously exported as separate dwg files. How can I export that file to contain ALL of the design layer viewports in one dwg file? Thanks! vw2009, OS X 10.5.6
  21. Is there a way to rename "automatic classes" generated by plug-in objects and have the subsequent objects created use the renamed classes? e.g. When inserting a door, 'ceiling-main' and 'sills' are created. If I edit the names of these classes, the same ones will be generated again when I insert a second door. Thanks! VW 2009 Mac 10.5
  22. Is there a way to toggle class "invisible" after right-click on the object to "activate class or force select"? Thank you for any input!
  23. genie


    Katie or any VW gurus! I remembered way back in VW 10, there was a way to set it so that doors and windows when inserted, are in a designated class or class 'none', and not have their automatic classes "Sill", "Ceiling main" appear. How can I do this in VW 12.5? Thanks for your help!! Mac Os X 10.4.10 VW 12.5.2
  24. Urgent help needed. Anybody knows how to recover damaged file? The pop up I get is "This file is damaged. It will open with as much information as possible" and Vectorworks will quit.
  25. Urgent help needed. Anybody knows how to recover damaged file? The pop up I get is "This file is damaged. It will open with as much information as possible" and Vectorworks will quit. VW12.5 OS10.4.10
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