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  1. Hi Hayden, I encountered the same problem when I brought in my workspace from VW2013 to VW2015. I hope they fix this bug soon. It's annoying to upgrade to VW2015, and having to rebuild our custom workspace from scratch!
  2. Pat, I'm curious as to what "units" should the hatches be "world" or "unit" if they were to be used in multiple scales as you described? Thank you!
  3. Is there a way to control and keep the door ID tag parallel to the leaf? I could do it when the leaf is horizontal, but not when it's vertical? Moving the door ID is also a bit of a trick, I always end up moving the door. Is there a way to have more control of the placement of the door ID? Thanks!!!
  4. I usually use the Navigation Palette to work between layers. I will send my file to aforementioned email.
  5. Jim, This occurs in top/plan mode. I'm only working on 2D drawings. It happens in every file I work on for more than 15 minutes toggling between layers.
  6. Everytime I worked on a file for some amount of time, toggling between layers, soon the layers will get "stuck". Layers that have been turned off will still show greyed out. Or my active layer will jump to the layer that I'm trying to grey out, so I was unable to grey out layers. It is frustrating as it happens to every file I worked on so I doubt it is file related. I have tried uninstall and reinstall my VW2013. It still happens. Has anybody experienced this?
  7. Any Luck rkaybill? I'm experiencing the same problem. On and Off. Did what you did too, getting rid of the Application Support VW folder. Didn't work.
  8. I'm trying to show the single width and height of similar doors in my door schedule when I sum door type column together. I added a new column in my door schedule and use "=count" and revised the door width formula to"=(Door.Width)/Q4" (Q4 being the cell number of "=COUNT"). It doesn't seem to be working. The door width column is still showing the total widths of the same type of doors. Am I doing something wrong? Thank You!
  9. I generated a worksheet or report that lists and counts the number of housing units symbols in a plan. Say, I only want to add cells B1.3, B1.4 and B1.5.... Can that be done? I know you can reference a cell from one worksheet to another, but can I reference say B1.5 or B1.6 into another worksheet? I find I could only reference cell B1 which gives me the sum of all items. Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  10. Hi Mike, Unfortunately the plug-in object does not classify the jambs separately, so you can't turn off the jambs as you described. FW
  11. Newbie Question: I manage to add "Perspective View" to my View menu, but switching from Top/Plan view to Flyover Tool, it is still defaulting to "Unified View" and "wireframe". Am I missing something? Vectorworks Architect 2013 SP4 + Renderworks OS X 10.8.3
  12. I just switched from 2009 to 2012, and realized that the "space" objects generate class names like Space-Main,etc. even though I have switched the document to take on AIA class naming standards (i.e. A-XXX format). In 2009, the "space" objects will create A-AREA class. Does anybody know how I can resolve this? It feels like there is a simple solution.
  13. I can't install Vectorworks 2012 for some reason, it always fail when it gets to "Installing Designer Add-ons". Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi Josh, Beginner with no experience in Vectorscript Can you explain that in layman's terms? Plug-in object = Symbol? I'm trying to make Symbols of electrical fixtures with its Fixture Types designation (text) attached to Record Format. Can I make the text rotate with the symbols? Thanks!
  15. [img:left]http://www.flickr.com/photos/91898304@N00/7041080855/in/photostream[/img] The plan is drawn at an angle. The viewport on Sheet layer is displayed rotated so that the plan is orthogonal on the page. The doors and windows appear to not want to rotate with the viewport. Anybody had this happen before?
  16. Our office purchased 10 copies of VW. We had entered all serial numbers in each workstation, but some people are getting kicked out in the middle of working even when not all 10 copies are in use at the same time. What could be the cause for this?
  17. My question is opposite from that of mmcl. How can I set up shortcut keys to toggle between open files without using the "Window" menu command? I tried "ctrl+tab" but doesn't do anything, I'm guess that's a setting for PC. Thanks.
  18. Is there any way to transition say a 6" wall to a 12" wall with the wall tool? Or a 'T' with different wall thicknesses? VW doesn't seem to like joining two walls at its end, as both walls would extend to infinity. Has anybody experienced this before? What's your way around it? Thanks in advance!
  19. Has anyone encountered the loss of ability to snap a sheet layer viewport of a referenced file? By trial and error, I noticed that I wasn't able to snap on the lines in sheet layer or annotation layer anymore if I move the viewport too far from the point where it came in automatically when I created the sheet layer vp. Does this make any sense to anyone? Thanks!
  20. Peter, Unfortunately, I'm not the only one working on that file. So it's tough to track the cause of that. You may be right that operator error may have caused the file to be corrupted. Michael, As far as I know, when dimension strings change when object is moved, dimensions are associated with the object. To break the association, just pull the dimension length out and it will disassociate with the object. As for walls moving, if connected mode is not on, I'd suggest deleting the walls and redrawing them, and see if that get rid of any weird kinks. Hope this helps.
  21. Peter, The walls that were initially connected at right angles, break away and crank at an angle. See attached image files. Now, the only solution I have is to move them back whenever that happens. It's driving me insane! I think the problems others are describing may be different from what I'm experiencing though and has to do as it has been pointed out, with "connected wall" mode. Thanks.
  22. Unfortunately, file size is limited to 5mb and the file I have is about 11mb after cleaning it out.
  23. I have a problem with my file whereby sometimes some walls crank out of place. I don't know what causes this, but it happens often enough with the same file to cause significant time loss in fixing the walls that went out of place. Has anybody had that happen before, or can somebody take a look at the file if I email it? I'd really appreciate any insight in this bug. Thanks a bunch.
  24. I have always worked with "adjust flipped text" on, but since they don't translate to exported dwg (text will revert to mirrored or upside down in dwg) I had to turn it off and make sure our texts are in the right orientation. I'm having difficulty in trying to orient the DOOR ID. The text in the door ID gets mirrored along with the door being flipped. Is there any way around this? Thanks!
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