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  1. I'm trying to place " Three-Way Switch" on my plan (1/8" Design Layer scale). I could adjust the "2D scale factor" of the symbol, however the scale of "3" in the symbol remains at a default size. (see attached image) I couldn't figure out how to adjust that. I tried text size, and setting text style to no avail. Any tips?



    Thanks in advance!


    ps I'm using VW 2019


    Capture-vw switch.JPG

  2. I have a condition where there is a roof height change as shown in the attached image. In order for the wall at the taller roof to L-join with the wall at the roof peak,

    I had to trim the wall into two parts (at tall roof and at lower roof). That's all fine, except that in 2D plan, after turning off the class for the wall the roof peak, I'm getting a break in the wall that should have been continuous on a 2D plan (as shown in the second attached image). All the walls are on the same layer.


    Is there a better way of modeling this type of condition? 


    Thanks in advance!



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  3. @Wes If there s a 6" step from the main house to garage, would you recommend creating a separate story (elev -6) just for garage?

    I can't seem to get the garage door to insert in the correct elevation if kept at the same story as the main floor (elev 0). There doesn't seem to be a way to insert door relative to the bottom bound of the wall. or am I doing something wrong? TIA!


  4. We have started using 3D in Vectorworks, but still trying to figure out the work flow. If we have any architectural features that need to be shown on the plan as being demolished, we would  have just drawn the line as dashed previously. With our project modeled in 3D, I don't think I can turn a solid as dashed (e.g. a concrete deck). What are the ways to show demo'd vs. new vs. existing in a 3D environment?  All suggestions kindly appreciated!

    If this has been asked before, please kindly direct me to the discussion thread. I can't seem to find it. 

    Thanks in advance!




    Vectorworks 2019 PC Windows 10 Pro

  5. @Tamsin Slatter Our workflow is such that we have several files containing sheets for 1 project. Can titleblock project data(eg. date), revision, and issue data be updated across files? ie, can I reference in a titleblock style into 2 different files and update the titleblock from the root file and have the edits show up on the 2 files containing sheets. If not, what would be your recommendation for a work around?


  6. Has anyone encountered issues while toggling between document tabs? For instance, toggling from one document to another,  the screen will show active document , but navigation palette and Object Info Palette are those of the previous document , and any actions will affect the previous file, not the one shown currently on screen.

    It will happen intermittently, so I haven't be able to recreate it to pinpoint the issue. 

    I'm using Windows 10 and Vectorworks 2018




  7. We are finally trying to take advantage of the revamped title block border tool in 2018 instead of a "manual" title block.

    We had in the past, a "titleblock" file with project name, issue dates, revision etc. in the master file and referenced into sheet files.

    How would you share the automated title block between files when we don't keep all sheets in one file? 

    Thanks in advanced!

  8. We have been experiencing this issue with a certain group of files for a while. We would be working on the file and when we try to save the file, it would give us an error message that said file not found. 


    Any suggestions as to what the issue would be? Server connectivity? Other files work fine with no issues. Maybe files corrupted?

  9. Hi!


    In trying to set up project sharing protocols in our office, I noticed that in 2017, we can checked out "objects" to work on, not just a specific layers, which can be useful, but

    what is the purpose of being able to add on objects to a layer that is not being checked out by yourself? 

    Is there an option to always check out a layer by default as soon as you start working on it like how it was in 2016?


    Thanks in advance!



  10. Jmartinarch,

    One step I have found useful in bringing in dwg into VW, is to set the "LOCATION" when importing dwg to "Align with User Origin".

    User Origin, by default is set to the VW Internal Origin. This way, your user origin won't be moved and you can move the drawings that is imported to 0,0 if needed.

    I find that leaving the user origin coincident with the Internal origin eliminates all the problems described by Alan in the post above.

    All other import dwg LOCATION options will move your user origin away from VW internal origin to what was set in the dwg file  and create problems if you had to reference it into other files.

    To move the user origin back to VW internal origin  go to TOOLS > ORIGIN> USER ORIGIN> SET USER ORIGIN TO INTERNAL ORIGIN.

    Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 10.33.29 AM.png

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  11. I'm wondering with the new Project Sharing feature, how does one work around the fact that Project file is unable to save updated worksheet?

    My door schedules info disappear every time I open my project file (I have to recalculate the worksheet to see the info again). I would, with previous VW versions, reference my door schedules into another file for sheet layout. But now with the main file being VWXP file, I can't do that anymore.

    I'm curious to see how others generate and display their door/window schedules.


  12. Is there a way to control and keep the door ID tag parallel to the leaf?

    I could do it when the leaf is horizontal, but not when it's vertical?

    Moving the door ID is also a bit of a trick, I always end up moving the door.

    Is there a way to have more control of the placement of the door ID?


  13. which interface are you using to switch between layers? The Layer drop down at the top, the navigation palette or are you using Saved views?

    Additionally, please send in one of the files that you have seen get stuck to tech@vectorworks.net and we can have a closer look.

    I usually use the Navigation Palette to work between layers. I will send my file to aforementioned email.

  14. Is this in top/plan or a 3D view? Which rendering mode are you currently using? Does it happen in many files or this is a particular file this is occurring in?


    This occurs in top/plan mode. I'm only working on 2D drawings.

    It happens in every file I work on for more than 15 minutes toggling between layers.

  15. Everytime I worked on a file for some amount of time, toggling between layers, soon the layers will get "stuck". Layers that have been turned off will still show greyed out. Or my active layer will jump to the layer that I'm trying to grey out, so I was unable to grey out layers. It is frustrating as it happens to every file I worked on so I doubt it is file related.

    I have tried uninstall and reinstall my VW2013. It still happens. Has anybody experienced this?

  16. Art V - thanks for the reply. I'll take a look at those possibilities.

    My short-term solution to this problem was to x-ref the photos into the .dwg files using AutoCAD. Not my first choice, but it worked.

    Any Luck rkaybill? I'm experiencing the same problem. On and Off. Did what you did too, getting rid of the Application Support VW folder. Didn't work.

  17. I'm trying to show the single width and height of similar doors in my door schedule when I sum door type column together. I added a new column in my door schedule and use "=count" and revised the door width formula to"=(Door.Width)/Q4" (Q4 being the cell number of "=COUNT"). It doesn't seem to be working. The door width column is still showing the total widths of the same type of doors.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank You!

  18. I generated a worksheet or report that lists and counts the number of housing units symbols in a plan. Say, I only want to add cells B1.3, B1.4 and B1.5.... Can that be done?

    I know you can reference a cell from one worksheet to another, but can I reference say B1.5 or B1.6 into another worksheet? I find I could only reference cell B1 which gives me the sum of all items.

    Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  19. If anyone needs to know, just drop Kevin's plugin in your VW plugin folder then edit your workspace to add "Perspective View" to your View menu.

    I added it to my workspace at the top of the right click context menu. It switches to un-cropped perspective and renders in OpenGL.

    Newbie Question:

    I manage to add "Perspective View" to my View menu, but switching from Top/Plan view to Flyover Tool, it is still defaulting to "Unified View" and "wireframe". Am I missing something?

    Vectorworks Architect 2013 SP4 + Renderworks

    OS X 10.8.3

  20. I just switched from 2009 to 2012, and realized that the "space" objects generate class names like Space-Main,etc. even though I have switched the document to take on AIA class naming standards (i.e. A-XXX format). In 2009, the "space" objects will create A-AREA class.

    Does anybody know how I can resolve this? It feels like there is a simple solution.


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