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    Saved Views Bug

    Are you aware that the saved views have there own edit menu? There the "restore" settings can mess things up for you. It can be experienced as random changes when you jump from standard to saved views, because you're jumping from one setting to another.
  2. Pat, you're right, rendered objects don't respond to these settings. In a way it doesn't bother me as long as the lines are black. Surfaces in colour come out great in b/w printers anyway. It's just that it would be great to see what you get.
  3. I have a file set to black&white only in doc pref. Still in the sheet layers some objects show in colour. Anyone clever enough....? see attached:
  4. In doors and windows I'm using the id attributes in OIP. The model is oriented by true coordinates and consequently rotated 50?. The drawing (sheet viewport) is set to ortogonal and in order to get id tags to show unrotated, the id is set to false in "keep id horizontal". When I export to dwg, PIO annotations are all twisted around, upside down, some turned left, some right etc Checking "keep id horizontal" is no option - then they show rotated in the sheet viewport. Any solution to this? The space annotations (room number etc) are not affected in dwg - could be because they are set to "text rotation" -50?. But that was some kind of work around. ...or is it a bug? Attached the dwg print-out. Needs to be rotated 180? (some mistake of mine in printing the pdf)
  5. All back to sleep! I have found the origin of this malfunction. Spaces were set to invisible boundaries. Spaces were in a separate design layer. All spaces had been dislocated by a few mm relative plan model and lost their room reference. Can't understand how/why. Found this out when moving wall and areas did not follow. I have made new ones all over and now I can edit without problems. Still boundaries show odd sometimes - as a triangle covering half of the room or just a line at some edge. This is corrected by switching class assignment back and forth. Must be connected to the known class by color assignment bug.
  6. What about the space tool? When I edit any attribute it jumps away. I can move it back manually where it belongs, but what will happen when SP1 fixes the bug? - will it jump away again? Will all problems related to the rotated working plane be solved soon? When I export to dwg, PIO annotations (door id, window id) are all twisted around, upside down, some turned left, some right etc Checking "keep id horizontal" is no option - then they show rotated in the sheet viewport. Any solution to this?
  7. Boys, I explode with joy! This is exactly a function I have been waiting for. Had no idea it was there, right in my hands. Thanks Peter and Jeffrey for the help! I've bumped into all too many bugs recently and maybe rushed away. What contributed is that when I press the "position" button in the OIP, the cursor starts flickering intermittent with the clock symbol (operation in progress) for a couple of seconds - typically a bug behaviour in macs. Then nothing - no clue, no hint. I thought the tool was dead. Is there a list of tool function/handling canges in 2009?
  8. I just reported two more bugs in 2009: 1. Windows in walls cannot be edited by "position" in the OIP. 2. Space annotations made with the space tool will jump far away if they are edited in rotated plan view. The rotated plan view function is a real mess!
  9. Apparently it's a bug. I've checked in my macbook and with other VW user. You don't even have to use the rotated plan mode. Just rotating the box is enough to unable stretching. This is in both 2008 and 2009. The problem must have been known in 2008 as it is a basic tool function and releasing 2009 with this bug unfixed - I'm sorry to say NNA, but it is not acceptable.
  10. It's essential that the rectangle is extruded - a box. That's when it occurs.
  11. ...is there anyone out there on mac OS10.5.5 with VW 2008, who can try to reproduce this? (rotate the rectangle before rotating the plane - if this might matter)
  12. When stretching an extruded rectangle in rotated working plane mode, the object does not stretch, but flies away in an angle corresponding the rotation angle of the working plane. Anyone had this problem? I'll submit it as yet another bug.
  13. RGyori please submit it as a bug to: bugsubmit@nemetschek.net
  14. I believe VW is set to "not stretch" by default. To make it work you first need to go to the upper left corner where you can choose between "no stretch", "stretch single object" or " stretch multiple objects". It's the check box with oblique arrow lines. As Ray says, look at the 2D reshape tool, combined with the modify/move tool too. It's very useful. The tool looks like a polygone stretched by a hand.
  15. Following problems have been reported by me, then examined and consequently listed as bugs by NNA. 1. Roof collapsing when pitch is changed on circular roof. VW 2009. 2. Color of objects not changing with class settings. (VW2008, and 2008 files in 2009) 3. Window in wall details will not show correctly. Both 2008 and 2009. Also my topic on ISOCP fonts in VW is submitted to expertise scrutiny. Not a listed bug yet. I also reported two possible bugs yesterday: 1. Listing spaces by room # in worksheet: one single room # pops out from the numerical order. 2. Linear array tool. Duplicating by polar offset, the inserted angle is not retained in the tool after duplication. It changes to absurd figures.
  16. ....sorry guys...too quick again. Did find it! Tools>reports etc...
  17. ...trying to find it in VW help, but did not succeed. How is worksheet with a listing of all Rooms/spaces with numbers, areas etc created?
  18. .ps is a postscript file. This is what you normally get when "saving to file". So try without saving. Just "print pdf". It's not very logical, as it does not actually print it, but saves it as a file. In VW 12, 2008 and 2009 pdfs are created by exporting the file. Far more reliable and logic.
  19. The background in VW is white by default and can be changed to black in preferences. Is there a way to toggle between them easily without going to prefs? Even better: is there a way to set only the design layers to black? My reason is that I'm working a lot on ACAD files where yellow lines are used. Therefore it would also be nice to be able to set the visibility to b/w (ot color) in the sheet layers only - not the whole document.
  20. I was mistaken - thanks Pat! I had tried something similar, but had the viewer height set to the actual height of the design layer. That got it all screwed up.
  21. In a regular front view you can edit objects, move them etc. That's what I need. In a 3d view this is not possible...yet. I hope we get that soon.
  22. When working in rotated plan mode, is there a way to get the front, right and left views relative to the rotated plan. Is this english?... When I switch from rotated plan to front view, I get the view as if the working plane was not rotated.
  23. Silly me, as the brittish say... I'm in 3D and must use the 3D tool! When it's said, it's obvious. I tried with the ordinary 2D cursor... tanks!
  24. Do you have these kind of problems in the US with stubborn ACAD users? The main idea with this font seems to be obstructive.
  25. Ray: are you absolutely sure? - if you are I might just stop here, and that's better than spending more time. Pat: I've done so now. Also interesting ACad ships with both. That means they must be able to change all shx fonts to ttf before sending it to me....then it would work - right? Meanwhile I might have to borrow an ACAD and insert my stuff into it.
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