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  1. I'll have to check that. We have several printers... But if I want it to show it in grayscale in a pdf?
  2. Fills in color will not print or show on screen unless black or white when the document is set to b/w. Is there a way to get fills in gray-tones?
  3. I constantly have VW crashes when rendering since i upgraded to SP2. Anyone experiencing the same?
  4. Yaeppp! Works fine now on my macbook - as it did before for Panta Rhei. Let's hope it works on my G5 on monday. Thanks!
  5. Please tell us more... mac? PC? OS etc....
  6. Guys - we're apparently shooting from all directions and NNA is responsive. They are looking at it while writing this and will get back a.s.a.p. JKelly, I might drop off from my office before that. Please drop a line here when all engines are go. I've been in contact with Gunther. Thanks
  7. Must be swiss cheese then - with a big hole where I'm lost. I wasted all previous downloads, shut down VW and downloaded it all again. It still won't work. Are you sure it's really SP2 in the mac download file - not the old SP1 (renamed SP2) by mistake?
  8. ....so - not just a mac problem?
  9. I've contacted NNA by mail and hope for a swift answer. Continue adding replies to this topic, describing your problems and what your system looks like as fully as possible. (OS, mac type etc) That will help NNA to track down the source of our problems. They're coming to work about now.
  10. No E series. Just Fundamental+architect+renderworks. Thanks Fox - needed your encouraging weight for a quick drowning :-) What mac setup do you have?
  11. I tried it three times, but SP2 update for 2009 is not installing - at least, in "about VW", it still shows SP1 build 96841. Tried rebooting my mac, tried downloading SP2 twice from VW. Never had problems with this before. NNA, please help...
  12. Wow! new community look. Nice! More VWish, more macish... In my case the logo is no problem - it's a bitmap. I have to use the same ISOCP all over the whole drawing - not just the title block. On top of that I can't get the title block attributes (inserted data) to work properly when it's exported to dwg. It's there on the screen, but my client has not been able to pick up the meta data necessary for their automatic filing system. Working with Acad users is a p.i.t.a. It's like going back to silent b/w movies. The best thing would be Acad to get a heartstroke and die intantly. The second best thing would be if VW supported ISOCP.shx and ttf. I don't know how hard that would be to accomplish?
  13. Sorry guys - too quick again - just found out... ...left and right arrows instead of up and down.
  14. Is there a way to scroll the class list in the menu bar, with key commands, class by class? - as you do with the layers with ctrl+arrow
  15. Shaun, I have exactly the same problem. A stubborn stupid client who want's things to remain as they've been for the last ten years, specially with the ISOCP "fonts". I've tried to figure out a work around with NNA last october and they claim they have a couple of guys looking into it. We have not reached any conclusion yet though other than "VW does not support ISOCP fonts". I understand what you say AndiACD and I agree. We can't expect VW to do it all. But this issue proved to be of such importance in my case, that I now must switch to AutoCad if I want to be in business at all with at least 5 projects. Even the true type ISOCP fonts are a mess to handle.
  16. Na, those don't work the way I want... I want a script that automatically scans my 10:- SEK bill, imports it into VW, then converts it numerically to 10:-? and prints it on real bill paper in my color laser printer. My benefit would be 10/1 - that's what would make me sing again. I also realized that an easy way to change the fills is to select all classes in the organizer and edit them to "no fill" simultaneously. Still "no fill" as default import procedure is preferable.
  17. There is actually a way to do it - but it will only result in a "non-intelligent" (but editable) print in your drawing. Text and lines only. I'm not sure it works on PC though. Just open the excel worksheet you want to import. Select all. Copy all. Paste it where you want it in your vwx file. You may need to change text sizes etc to make it fit in the grids, but at least you have a presentation of the worksheet - if that's all you need.
  18. Anyone interested in a descriptive column in the classes organizer? In our poor little country the class name column is generally used only for class codes like A-42D--BE-N (instead of writing "windows" - this is complete nonsense, but that's how it is. I would need an extra column between "class name" and "use" columns to describe the content of the different codes. - as in Acad by the way. If I'm alone with this - no use to submit it as a wish. If not, who joins me?
  19. Thank u Petri Do you have a script to convert SEK to ? as well? Would be most appreciated. I'm actually flyin' to Italy in a week.
  20. Got it----Acad does not have fills. But as default imported classes should be with no fill. Is there a way to set this?
  21. Nice mantra Petri. I will sing it all way home with flickering eyes and chiming bells. Mike, are all your computers identical? Do you have any lightning protection or tension regulator on your power supply that might cause disturbance? ( I understand it's just VW that does this - but still) Have you tried your computer in any other location (at home)?
  22. when I import dwg files, the imported classes all have solid fills. I strongly doubt this is right as acad users rarely use fillings. Anyone else had this problem? Am I doing something wrong when importing?
  23. Many ideas - many thanks! We also have codes stating the free opening in escape doors etc but there still is a difference between the leaf and the real opening - not big, but still.... To make our life easier - maybe less artistic - we have a national standard for door sizes, including jamb widths. A 900mm (overall) size door is called a 9M door, a 800 mm a 8M door etc. Codes often state these M sizes. All doors manufacturers stick to the same sizes if they want to stay in business. That's free enterprising, the swedish way.
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