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  1. Na....accidentally had changed the class setting to gray. I don't know why and how. These things happen from time to time. Probably due to some short cut I'm not aware of - right click or something....
  2. ...I found out myself.... I was wrong!
  3. I have some lines, all in the same class, that I can't select any more. "View all classes" and "view all layers" are selected. I've rebooted the computer. The snap points are highlited when approached with the cursor, but there is no way to select the line to make any change. Any ideas what's wrong?
  4. I need to rescale 50 or so design layers from 1/100 to 1/1. How do I get the line dash styles to scale along? I thought they always did automatically.
  5. bonus

    lock symbol?

    I mean a symbol. The lock command does not. It may lock the symbol once it's inserted as an object, but the idea is to be able to move around the symbol, duplicate it etc, but make sure it never gets flipped/mirrored. I know doors should be made with the PIO, but I'm working on old ACAD files with just line walls and billions of different symbols for all doors. I'm tidying up these files and my goal is to end up with just 5 to 6 different door symbols. If I would want to list all left swing doors, I must make sure there is no flipped symbol in the drawing -i.e. a left swing shown as right swing door. It's more of a hypothetical question because I have started flipping the same symbol anyway - just to get started. But I had the same thoughts some time ago concerning a piece of furniture I used for 900 workstations. It wasn't symetrical and should not be mirrored. Still I did, and now it's a mess....
  6. Is there a way to lock a symbol so it cannot be flipped over by accident, e.g. a door with left swing.
  7. If you are having problems with the mac mouse look at this: Mine had a laser crash, so I switched to an wireless laser mouse "ace ML20W" for less than 30$. It's perfect.
  8. There is no such thing too download yet. Maybe they forgot.....
  9. See what you mean....lazy me tried a way around that. Will have to give it some effort. Thanks!
  10. ....and is it possible to set the sheet to recalculate automatically?
  11. Hi again Pat. I just picked up where I left last time - been busy with other projects. Now I need to get these things working and your help has been fantastic. Thank you! Now I need to know how to delete symbols I don't want in the report from the worksheet. I've tried without success.
  12. Right, that's what I realized so far. I have a list of all symbols in the file and want to select just a few of them to be shown in the worksheet. I can't figure out how.... I tried to copy/paste to new inserted rows, but functonality was lost.
  13. When I try to delete rows in a worksheet, all rows are deleted regardless how many rows are selected. What am I missing?
  14. maybe it's just annoying, but submit a bug report
  15. Hi Pat and P I've been busy with other stuff for a few days. Thanks for your detailed description. I will give it another try shortly.....
  16. I've finally managed to set the criteria for a row...but the next step? How do I set uo columns with formulas?
  17. Hi Pat, I've tried but I don't get it.... Could you help me step by step - it's all new to me. Hoe do I set the criteria for a row?
  18. How do I create a worksheet report of symbols, design layer by design layer? I have alternative seating options on different design layers and want to get the number of chairs shown in a worksheet for each alternative separately.
  19. Im getting closer and closer....and I was wrong. It could read the xref files if located in the same folder. But only if the folder is on my own computer - not from the office server.
  20. Thanks Ray. The automatic default setting is the problem - it always choses imperial. The problem is it has to be set again and again and sometimes the settings are saved to the next import, sometimes not, I have to check every time. The VW2010 feature seems to be just what I need. I understand the US and to some extent Canada still switch between imperial and metric, but we haven't for centuries. So what I would like to do is to shut down all imperial options in VW. There should be a basic preference button: imperial or metric. Imagine VW asking you if you want dimensions in nautic miles each time you import a dwg file. It ends up getting annoying. Are you happy with 2010 generally speaking? I have to wait for the mac snowcat version to be available...
  21. Could happen in any file. Mostly it's a blank template file where all is set to metric in the document settings/units.
  22. Maybe this is related to my other topic about xrefs? Not beeing able to include the xrefs might disturb the whole thing. If so, it's bug related and affects only non english VW users. I've posted a mail to NNA about that.
  23. It's not -- and right now I found out why. VW doesn't recognize odd fonts - meaning non english/american fonts in the file names. In this case some fonts were replaced by "?" - what I thought was some data jumbo display trash. - whatever that is? No wonder the files weren't found. Still I can't see how to solve this problem. File names cannot be changed, due to the xrefs. This must be something for NNA to fix, right?
  24. When I try to batch import several dwg files, VW crashes or imports randomly to different scales, randomly floors to metric and imperial and even slightly off-scale has happened. An imported 10floors building can be a real mess. If I import floor by floor it all fits together perfectly as long as I check all import settings for each floor imorted. Randomly it keeps the settings from the previous imort or kicks in a small change somewhere, so I need to be observant. Is this a bug or stupid me?
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